Replacement power cord / supply for Chord Hugo / Linear PS

You would think there would be an affordable, readily available replacement for the small, lightweight Chord Hugo power supply cord. Maybe I'm just missing something?  (Note: This is about Hugo, not Hugo2.)

The Hugo uses batteries inside, which must be charged with a specific power supply - my memory says 0.6 amps and 12 volts adding up to maybe 7 watts (?) -- I've lost mine obviously. 
Unfortunately I can't buy "any old eBay wall wart" with those values, because the cylinder that goes into the Hugo has to fit "just right" and must be the correct polarity.

The replacement Hugo power supplies that I've found online are $60. The stock one was a flimsy piece of nothing worth $4 or $5. I'm not paying $60!  (Side note: I see that a company called MCRU sells a $250 linear power supply for the Hugo and they claim it makes the Hugo sound better, which *would* be interesting to me, if it were physically possible. But it's hard to believe, since the Hugo has internal batteries, and I believe its circuit sees *only* the power it gets from the batteries. The linear power supply would only be charging up those batteries. How could that improve sound quality??  I see 0 reviews for the MCRU linear PS (outside the 2 on mcru's site).  If you have tried MCRU or any linear PS with a Hugo, I'm interested in what you found!) 

If anybody has an idea how I can replace this little part for a reasonable price, I'd appreciate it.
Even battery powered systems get line noise unless the line is physically disconnected. An earlier version of my turntable used a battery powered motor with a relay designed to do just this, physically disconnect from AC when the motor is on.

Its power. Its wires. It can be as simple as twisting the wires together. Or it can be as hard and expensive as you want to make it.

You are right- 
The linear power supply would only be charging up those batteries.
Why make it any harder than it has to be?
I would talk to Steven at
He is the Hugo expert in the US.  Great guy and very honest. He did tell me that once a Hugo is charged you should always try to run it off of battery, not the wall wart.  He will set you straight on replacement.