Repost: Plasma TV support

Greetings All,

A friend inquired if I knew anyone that could direct him to a manufacturer or retailer of specialty TV supports. I hope someone here might.

He is interested in mounting a 42" or so plasma TV on a retracting support that would rise up into a recess on one wall of his den. The device doesn't neccessarily need to be powered, spring loaded or counterweight would be fine, but truly I am not the Home Theater person to ask what is available or which method would best serve the purpose.

I guess the weight of the TV is about 125# or so.(?)

I believe this is not something off the shelf, but if anyone can help me help him, I'd appreciate it.
I'll certainly forward this information along. Thanks for the offer for future help.
Tell him to look at Auton and Inca's websites, then just do a keyword search for plasma TV lifts. This is not a new idea, and there are tons of commercially available products. He might want to talk to a custom installer about doing the work since if he can't even find a lift, I'm assuming he may not have the know how / ability to do the install work. No offense intended there.

Keep in mind that lifts don't always care if they are right side up- he may end up using a piece designed to lift a plasma out of a cabinet upside down to lower it...

If that lift won't do it for some reason, give me a better description of the room setup, etc. -- "rise up into a recess on one wall" is a little weird-- either it's going to rise at an angle and enter the wall, in which case you are SOL, or it's going to rise into the ceiling, in which case the lift above will work, or he wants to build a false wall portion out to house the retracted TV in which case the one above will work.