Request setup tips from VMPS RM-40 owners.

I just ordered a pair of RM-40s with FST tweeter upgrade from John Casler in Los Angeles. (Nice Guy) Any initial setup tips would be appreciated. I will be using these in a 27' by 19' room with vaulted ceiling. Due to WAF they MUST be placed on the short wall about 11' apart, and my listening point is about 17' away.
These replace my PSB Stratus Golds, and I plan to retain my Kimber 8tc biwire cables, and existing components. Bryston 4bst, Rogue 66 Magnum preamp, Msb dac with p1000 PS, etc.
Would appreciate anyones comments.

Nice choice..RM40 is an excellent speaker..I congratulate you for your choice..I would suggest you to ask this question on have a forum there and I am sure there will be lots of people willing to help you..the other thing I will suggest you is to change your speaker cables..I think RM40 deserves better cables than Kimber 8TC..anyway I hope you enjoy your new speakers..

I appreciate your response. I did find a lot of info and started a thread there as well.

My setup was simple, after one month I carefully boxed the 40s and used a dolly to cart to garage and then placed a for sale ad in Audiogon.

PS If you keep the Bryston, MSB and Kimber you may only make a week before journey to garage.

This is about the first negative comment I remenber seeing on the RM40S. Could you elaborate on what problems you had, or what you didn't like about them to prompt you to sell.


I owned the RM2s before I purchased a used pair of 40s locally from a friend. I was expecting far more as to sound quality as they retained the same house sound of the 2s.


Great bass extension
Very good imaging and soundstaging.
Very musical in the proper room with proper electronics etc.


Big and heavy
Poor craftsmanship for the asking price
Something always needs to be updated $$$$$
Small sweet spot
Way to much tweaking needed to sound decent.
Overall tonality of both are just not to my liking.

IMO the 2 and 40 are great HT speakers and to get the best out of them for two channel you need a brute of a tube amp and everything else downstream better be excellent and a MATCH for the 2 or 40s.

I think a home audition before purchase is mandatory for potential customers. All feedback on the 40s that I have read are positive, so do not condem me for not following suit.

P.S. I actually owned both.

I appreciate your candor, and would not begin to condem your comments. I am still hoping to really enjoy these, but in all honesty, cannot remember hearing all positive comments on any other product. Looking back through old threads, it seems I read that you at one time had the PSB Golds. I am upgrading from them, and would really like to hear your comments on how they compare, and what you think I could hope to expect, using my fore mentioned components?

Thanks again,

I just read your origional post again and now am sorry for making any comments on the 40. I did not read that you already ordered a pair and I do not want to rain on anyones parade.

I posted only to show that for me they did not work and need careful setup and special attention to electronics.
Home demo before purchase if possible.

I owned the Bronz, Silver and Goldi, at the time I was into HT and was using an ATI 1505 and Sony 9000ES processor. The ATI really sucked for two channel music on all three speakers. Sound was bright and fatigueing. I never tried good electronics with any of the PSBs, so a comparison would not mean much.

With the 2s I used a Muse 160 and Muse 3 pre amp.

With the 40s ended up using an ARC D-250 amp and Rogue 99 Magnum pre. Lots of tubes. In the end just was not satisfied.

Next came the S.E.T. route with high efficency speakers.

I presently am using GMA Europa's with an SS Integrated and have never been happier. I find this system to be the most, musical, engaging and emotional of any prior system I have owned, and the least expensive by far.

Enjoy The Music Alan and I wish you the best with your new VMPS 40s.
Alan is correct in stating the RM 40's and other VMPS speakers are more difficult to set up properly. One problem is that the front end components need to be very good as they will reveal all flaws. The other is the mass loading on the passive radiator. The passive loading is a two edged sword though as it allows you to tune your speakers like no others I've seen but is not easy til you get the hang of it. Once those speakers are dialed in the sound is phenomenal for the money. A good point though is all speakers react with the room they are in. This is something that is critical and far too many people don't use any room treatment. Some speakers though may not sound good in some rooms though no matter how good they are but the VMPS speakers give you much more lattitude to adjust for your room than any other manufacturer I know of. They give you enough rope to hang yourself actually. At this point I'm actually afraid to buy speakers from somewhere else. I've owned two sets of VMPS speakers since 1996 and the sound per dollar kicks butt.