Resolution: DSD vs 16bit vs 24 bit

"Audio Myth: 24-bit Audio Has More Resolution Than 16-bit Audio" - link to article I received today by email from Benchmark Media Systems:
So, how hard is it to properly dither a digital component? Does anyone know which manufacturers properly dither their digital components and which don't?
Tomcy6, AFAIK dither is not "done" but happens
automatically. Imagine converting level that is exactly 50%
between two LSB values. Because there is always some random
noise LSB will oscillate 0 to +1 at about 50% rate. When
value is at 3/4 then LSB will be on high side (+1 bit) 3/4
of the time. In playback it can be filtered to original
value increasing resolution. As for the fancy words used in
article: "Quantization noise" means simply a
staircase. "Bigger quantization noise" mean taller
steps. Higher frequency of quantization noise means more of
the smaller steps etc. Filtering is basically smoothing off
the staircase.