''retip'', ''rebuild'' or ''refreshment'' by brother Bross

Dear dover, I was looking for a ''strong argument'' reg. retip for my Koetsu

Urushi Blue Skay. I can't get rid of this cart but  remebered your argument

for the brother Bross in question with added story about Reto Andreoli whom

I also admire but without the needed ''technical knowledge'' ( aka ''low

level knowledge'' according to Raul). But who cares by the passion involved in our hobby''? The mistake  by assumptions about ''human rationality''

(aka Seneca) overlooked the following: ''rationality is ok but not all the

time''. As the most contributions in our forium prove.

Your argument which I intend to use is : ''even the owners of (brand) new

Koetsu's  asked me to post their carts to those brothers for...?

Alas you was nor specific regarding the ''wonder'' which the mentioned

brothers produced by their what: retip, rebuild of refreshment?




The original Garrot Bros used to retip Koetsu's with their microscanner styli and also made modifications as and when necessary to the motors due to poor build quality. 

However the issue remains - with a retip are you going to end up with a pile of glue adding to tip mass ? Very much depends on the quality of the retip.

In my view you should get a quote from koetsu to compare to the other options - Expert Stylus/Anamighty/new Garrott.


Dear dover,

I have much experience with ,say, retips first because of my friendship with

Axel Schurholz and after his passing away with Expert stylus. My own 

assumption is that ''styli '' matter. For example elliptical substitute for

micro ridge or other ''new kinds''. My Koetsu is provided with Van den Hul

or , to be more specific , Gyger I or II which Van den Hul designed for Gyger

but never produced himself.  This also apply for ''parts'' which he gets from

Benz according to the ''old agreement'' with the ''old Benz''.

I can't judge but according to some Gygers are ''the best ever''. We discussed

this issue by (Ortofon) Replicant 100 thread but,alas, were not able to discover

who produces ''new Gygers''. ''Some '''is called ''existential quantifier'' because

it assume existance of someone. That is to say that ''someone'' must exist

who prioduce them . Not existend entities are not ''subject'' of scientific work .

This, I hope my theacher Englis Lewm who is also scientist can confirm. 

Which kind of ''retip''?: ''stilus only '' or the ''cantilever/stylus combo''?

What is the difference? about $ 300.

Mr. Hodgson at ''Expert stylus Uk'' ask the question : why removing or

substituting good cantilever for a new one? My unswer is : because

it is more difficult to do and even more important: cheaper than 

the whole combo.

My friend Axel Schurhorz deed for me ''stylus only'' retip but before I

and my brother Don (griffits) made P&R for him in our forum.

He got so much work that he refused to do ''stylus alone'' for

abvious reason. What would you do if  you could earn more money

for lesser or more simple work than  gluing the whole combo in the 

joint pipe?