Revel b15a LFO software help

I finally found a used b15a sub in very good condition. In preparing for arrival, (tomorrow) I called revel and inquired about obtaining the software so I could use the test tone cd to set it up in my system. When I talked to the customer service tech at Revel about getting it, he told me it wasn't currently available. He THEN goes on to tell me that Revels designer Kevin Voecks doesn't think that the software is very good anyway and that there are better formats out there.????? I mean really? Are all these reviews that describe the set up with the LFO software that explain how good they sound after using the software fake? Can I assume that just setting up the sub without using the equalization is going to be good enough? I have to believe that there was a reason for putting the out board parametric equalizer on it to flatten room response etc. etc. and that although not exact, by using the software to give you the settings for the frequencies would be a better set up and give better performance than just setting the sub volume and keeping the frequencies neutral??

Help!! anyone have a copy of the LFO software that I could get a copy of? Any suggestions? Please respond...

Dear Starje

First off you are going to fall in love with that sub. It is hands down one of the best subs out there. I've had my B15 for many years and its just amazing. Now to your questions:

1) yes, Kevin is right but put this in perspective and he is talking about now vs then.. When the B15 and B15a came out there was VERY LITTLE in terms of built in EQ. Revel was way ahead. It did a decent job for what it did and YES it makes a difference.

2) however the EQ built into modern processors is far superior to the older Revel software. That's what Kevin is referring to. That is also why Revel went with a pure software solution going forward. The current one uses an SPL meter and you manually enter in the numbers.

So in my case I used the LFO SOftware for years and then getting an Anthem Pre-Pro with ARC was night and day. ARC is much better than the LFO software. I never use it any longer.

I have a copy of the LFO software CD and can put it online for you to download if need be. I don't think Revel makes it any more so you can only get copies from other owners.

Bottom line: the LFO software is OK but it's no match for the modern EQ systems like Anthem Room Correction or Audyssey.
Thanks for the response. I presently have the 4306 denon receiver. I called denon to ask this question on the sub and their audyssey room correction software. The guy at denon told me it would only adjust the sound levels and not eq it. ?? I thought it did and in the manual for the 4306 appears that it eq's and will flatten the room response?? Do I need a better processor with a different room correction software than what the 4306 has? It seems like i get better info on here than going to the direct source. If you had time sometime, it would be great talking with you about the sub.


That is great news. As mentioned by Internetmin, you will love this sub. While the B15a is a great plug and play subwoofer, the LFO software will improve on things and really can seamlessly blend your sub with your mains.

With that said, the LFO is not near as sophisticated as modern microphone based EQs like Audyssey MultEQ XT/XT32 and Anthem's ARC. After I ran the LFO software and made the EQ settings that were recommended, I also ran Audyssey MultEQ XT on my NAD T175HD pre/pro and my system improved all the more.

Thanks, looking forward to set the audyssey xt up and see how it sounds. So I'm in the process to hook up the sub and when I plug it in, it pops when I power it up and then has a loud humming sound. After a few calls, I go to buy an adapter that doesn't have a ground to see if I have a ground loop issue. When I plugged it in, the loud hum went away. When I put my ear up to the sub, I can still hear a hum inside but if I'm 2 feet away from it I cant hear it. Is this ok? I need to make a call to see what I need to correct to ground loop and am hoping the sub is ok. What an ordeal! When I received the sub via UPS the other day, two of the spiked feet were broken off during shipping. I was concerned that something might have jarred the amp inside the sub. It was shipped in the original revel box & packing. Just a little frustrated because im not an expert at this and trying to figure this out myself. I usually just read these forums but find myself in a position for guidance so I appreciate your feedback. Would like my next post to be me telling you how awesome this sub sounds in my system!
The pop is no big deal per se but keep dial volume at a max of 7. You are hearing pop most likely because sub volume set too high. But on manual switch power up that's normal. When you do audyssey, try sub at the 5 setting. If you have an SPL then set it to 70 using pink noise from the receiver as a start.

Sorry to hear about the feet. Ground loop is a very specific sound. Is it coming from sub's woofer or the amp section? If its from the amp section it may be DC Offset and not ground loop.

I have DC Offset issues at my house due to dimmers and hear it on my power amp but not the revel but that doesn't mean you won't in your case.
Here's a link to Kevin Voecks talking about subwoofer EQ that I dug it up from by bookmarks. This is a good listen regarding exactly what you were asking about. It covers both the B15, the LFO software, and also Kevin's perspective on subwoofer EQ.
hi internetmin, i have a revel  b15 and love it. I lost my cd and i'm wonder if somebody can help me getting it. Revel does not offer it.

thanks in advance,