Revel - F208 vs M126Be

I’m looking for some input on these two speakers. I know... everyone has a favorite that will better these. But, I am interested in this comparison.

I have F208 and I’m quite happy with them. I’m convinced that stepping up to the F228Be would be a big improvement because there have been so many improvements. But, they cost $10k. Even $7k for a used set. So, it’s major step in cost. It's just not in the budget at this point.

But, I was thinking that maybe the M126Be would be an incremental improvement, without a major difference in cost. I have a REL R528 subwoofer, so I think that would integrate well with the Revels, and give the full bass sound that could be missing from stand mount speakers.  

Anyone have experience with both of these who could comment?
Hello, I have experience with both, I would say it highly depends on your music taste, the 126 disappears more than almost any speaker I have heard and its tweeter is exceptional. However, it does not have the dynamics that the 208 towers can provide even with a sub, the little six inch woofer/mid and small cabinet just can't compete.  I owned 208s, now 228be and had the 126 be in my listening space for a audition. They do have a new tower coming out that is the 226 be and a be version of the 206 so it's a true three way. Good luck, Christopher 
thanks, Christopher!  That's exactly what I was looking for.  I suspect you are right about the dynamics, and the small mid woofer.  

I was thinking about a set of B&W 805's that I once owned.  For a smaller speaker, they are really dynamic.  But, I can see your point, as evidenced by my improvements when I moved up the line to the 803N.

I'll keep an eye out for the release of the F226Be.  Sounds like it may be a good option.
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I will say that as far as sound quality is concerned the new BE line of speakers are really amazing sounding, you might find a prettier cabinet from other companies at the same price but you will not find better sounding speakers anywhere near their price. Once I got my 228 bes I have received nothing but compliments and wows by audio friends that come over to hear them, even from friends that thought they don't like Revel lol. They really do compete with much more expensive speakers, even at 10k they represent a value in today's market place.  I am not going to be speakers shopping for a very long time ;) 
I have a pair of 10/10 Revel 228BE in piano black that I will be posting this evening for $6,000 + PP fee. If you need additional information, I am delighted to help in your audio quest.

I had a pair of M106.... a really great speaker , paired with a really good sub and although it was a great sounding compact system it was not the same as a full range floor stander like your 206
thanks, all for the helpful input.  I agree that I probably wouldn’t be happy with the bookshelf speakers. Go big, or stay home. Haha