Revel F52 solution vs jbl synthesis array

I am looking at a hom etheater system that I would like to enjoy equally for music and movies, sports etc.
the speaker option are the Revel F52, c52 with s30 speakers or
a jbl synthesis array.
any experience advice etc would be apprciated.
Revel makes an excellent product. Most are placement sensitive, but when they are dialed in, they are magnificent. I know from experience.
"Revel doesn`t make horns"

amar is asking about the differences between the two, not if Revel makes horns.
I haven't heard the F52, but I do own a pair of Studios. I also have quite a bit of experience with the JBL Synthesis stuff. The Synthesis was lots of fun for movies, but not great for music at all. If you want to enjoy music and movies equally, Revel is the way to go.
I own the Revel center channel speaker C50a. It's nothing short of fantastic--incredibly neutral, dynamic, and natural. It works equally well with music and video, and blends well with my Von Schweikert VR 4.5s, and is arguably slightly more neutral in timbre than the VSs.