Revel Tweeter - Is Dimpling Cosmetic or Functional

I have a Revel C32 Center that the tweeter appears pushed in or "dimpled"

Is this merely cosmetic, or does it affect the sound quality? Should the tweeter be replaced?

What causes this? I never removed the grills, and no one ever touched the tweeter.

Thanks in advance!!!
Its damaged but may still function. Most likely damaged by someone pushing on grill. But who knows for sure.
Kids love to push on speaker dust covers, that was the first thing that came to mind, any children around? I find it absurd given all the refinement we demand, only to find the sound quality unaffected by things like this, but it is true. You may not hear any appreciable change in SQ.
Red68 ... Why not just call Revel customer tech support and ask them. You can take a cell phone pic and send it along in an e-mail.

I surmise that if Revel recommends replacing the driver, you might be able to do it yourself.

Is the C32 tweeter beryllium? Be tweets can cost a little bit more.
I own a C32 from new and no dimple(s). I would replace it if you can still obtain one from Revel.
Thank you all for responding. I am going to follow up with Revel, and get their recommendations.