Reversed polarity?

I built a new main power cable to replace the stock one that came with my Integrated, the PC that came with my Creek amp has the Live and Neutral reversed from several other 3 prong power cords that I tested, opposite from the markings on the Wattage ends that I used, reversed from everything I can find on line. Opposite even from the actual markings on the (stock Kessler) cable IEC end itself? Curious if anybody has ever tested the continuity on a stock PC and found it to be backwards? Is it common? Any aftermarket PC would be wired differently than the cable I removed. I built the new one to match industry standards, so opposite of what I replaced.

Before the new PC the Creek had a quiet hum or buzz to it, not in the speakers, just in itself, although you had to be very close to it to hear it. It is now gone. Silent. I also replaced some very old AudioQuest RCA interconnects between the Creek and my Marantz UD7007 with some new, shorter cables from Blue Jeans.

So whether it is the better connectors, the better larger wire, the new interconnects, of the reversed (corrected) polarity, I have no idea, and don't care, but it does sound better.

Ultimately I'm curious if anyone has discovered a stock or aftermarket Power cable wired wrong? Thank you.   

Side note...I took the reversed polarity stock cable from the Creek, and plugged it into several things around my house that have 3 prong IEC power cables, a computer screen, a heater, and a battery charger. All worked just fine.   
They will work.... but ideally this should not happen.

The issue is that the hot is where the fuse is. In the event of a short, the transformer doesn't get the AC voltage at all.

When this is reversed, the wall voltage is present through the PS transformer, with various failure modes possible after that.

It is a minor safety issue, but a real one.