Review: Cullen Cables Biwire Speaker cable

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My collection of over 800 CDs leans heavily toward orchestral classical music and jazz, with a sprinkling of classic rock. The CDs I most often use for testing are Telarc CD80085 (The Pines of Rome,etc) and Phillips 420 894-2 (Debussy String Quartet in G minor).
I should mention that I experience music in a synesthetic manner. Consequently instrumental texture and strong rythmic presence are highly important aspects of my listening experience. As the Brits say, it should "play a tune and have pace". It should sound like Music. It should not be muddy, shrill, or imprecise.
I added the Cullen biwires about four weeks ago, and they have remained since, replacing a pure silver Clear As Day Shotgun pair w/silver shotgun jumpers. In comparison, in my system the Cullens are more dynamic, and present a larger sound stage with more specific instumental location and air. In the Pines of Rome, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra spreads itself before me in full cry, brass biting, strings singing, drums pounding, organ rumbling.They are there. The Clear As Day pair communicates instrumental timbres with extaordinary completeness and emotional subtlety, revealing the regret and love of Debussy's G minor Quartet like no other cables of the many I have had. I am fortunate to have both of these very fine cables and the wonderful experiences with which they provide me. Of course, if money were no object, I would like to hear some of the mega-thousand dollars sets of cables in my system. However, I suspect there would be a much bigger payoff to be derived from investing in my music library.

Associated gear
Cullen Cable HotBox, Oyaide Tunami, Cullen Cable Copper, Gold, and Silver, Power Cables,Element Signature Titan interconnects, Cambridge Audio 840 cdp, Sony 999es SACD player,Cambridge Audio 840E preamp, Wyred4Sound ST-500 amp, Epos m22i speakers. Sonically treated room.

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