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Cable Review: DCCA Audio
The Extreme Power Wave
REF-1 Tube Amp Power Cord.
Date: 6/22/06.


Rogue 88 Tube Amp.
Yamaha Preamp/Antique Sound lab LHO1.
Belcanto dac-2, Chang 3200 PLC.
Speakers are the B.G. 420’s Bolender Ribbons.
My background: Electronic Tech, Telemetry/Radars.
25 years U.S. Gov. Audio/Videophile. 25 years.

Day 1. Well after reviewing the Source power cord, it was time to pop in, the big bad looking Extreme power wave Ref-1 power cord on the Rogue 88 tube amp. I also left in the Source pc cord on my dac-2. Well out came my S-R diamondback and in went the Ref-1. WOW! What the heck is this thing i said to myself, I think I found the perfect cord for my amp. Don at DCCA Audio is going to need a crowbar to take it out of my amp, J just kidding.
This review is going to be a little tricky, because this cord kicks some serious butt, way be on its price range. There are companies that sell power cords from $1500 to $3000 dollars. And guess what? The Ref-1 can hang with any of them. Finally we have a reference power cord for under $500 that can run with the big boys. If you ever heard the Synergistic Designer Ref. you know what I mean. Also let me say that the great Nordost Vahala power cord can’t handle the Ref-1. And there are many more costly power cords that will fall on its face next to the Ref-1. Also all of my in house cords and all the power cords I heard in my friends system, cant handle the Ref-1. If you don’t believe me get one and plug it in and see for yourself.

Ok how does it sound? Well I started at low-level listening with Julio Eglasia crazy c-d. And even at this low-level I could here all the details and air around the instruments and all the people on the recording, man it was nice. I never listen to music this low and for a change it was nice not to push things. I even listen to the other tracks I normally skip over on this c-d. I heard things I never heard before. There was much more information coming off the c-d with this cord. My notes have the words seamless and natural written all over them. I like the word detached or headphone effect better. The music just detaches of the speakers like crazy. In other words you don’t look at the speaker all the time, you see the music and the people in the room with you. Some audiophiles close their eyes to hear this effect. With the Extreme power-wave Ref-1 you don’t have to close your eyes, and I’m sure the ribbon speaker’s help out a lot. The Bolenders are probably the best imaging speakers I have ever heard. And guess what, I did not even have my tube preamp hook up. The Yamaha was driving the Rogue. I said to myself this is crazy! My tube preamp will smoke the Yamaha preamp. The tube preamp is in the shop, like a dummy I swap the wrong tubes in the wrong sockets and pop a couple of traces on the board and a diode. Oh well the Ref-1 did not care what preamp I was using, it just open up the Rogue amp and let the music flow. Like the Source power cord it doesn’t add or take away. It just reproduces what is on the recording. That dirty 110-volts/60 cycles that’s on you’re A-C lines, along with those stinky grounds was almost totally cleaned up. That A-C trash you hear is not your equipment; it’s you’re A-C lines. The Ref-1 cleaned up or shunt most of the A-C noise, and gave the music a clean and transparent sound. Oh and the Ref-1 wasn’t plug into the Chang line conditioner. I plug it right into the wall socket. This is an awesome cord all by itself!

I put on Carroll Roberson only one Messiah c-d and crank up the volume. I was stunned! Good grief! The tonal balance of His big Elves Presley voice was dead on the money. I could see and hear his wife singing background on her own microphone in the studio, she was standing just right of him. I also saw the music video of them singing this same song “Galilee.” And on the video she is right were she is suppose to be. The BASS was big and warm with good low-level resolution, maybe the best I’ve head. The BASS was tight and weighty sounding, not boomy. The MIDRANGE was seductive and seamless. Almost “scary.” That clean see through quality you hear with the big expensive cords was there. The air around the music was nice and not closed-end or chocked off. Relax and enjoy the music kind of midrange. Like I said at this price, I don’t know of a cord that can handle it. Also this cord was a perfect match for the Rogue tube amp. Only the Shunyata Research power cords could make the Rogue sing. Move over Shunyata there’s a new kid on the block.

The TOP-END was extremely detail and not rolled off. That is what caught my ear; this cord is natural without loosing all the details. Man you should hear the strings that these cords reproduce. Classical music sounds live! The violins and violas are way behind my speakers and sounds real, like they do at the concert. My son plays second violin and my daughter plays the flute. So I hear these instruments all the time. I said to myself how did Don do this. Most cords sound rolled-off, and they kill the details in trying to sound warm. While others are sharp/detail but they sound lean and un-natural. The REF-1 is balanced from top to bottom and has a killer silent background to boot. The rhythm and pace will keep you bobbin your head all night long. Folks we are talking about big upgrades, not small ones here.

Day 2. I also put on Diana Krall’s c-d “when I look in your eyes” just for fun before closing this review. Man here we go again i said to myself. Diana stood right in the room with her band just behind her. Her voice and her piano playing sounded real. Her piano sounded like a real piano, I could almost see her setting there hitting the keys. Her recordings are dangerous anyway. I told Margie my wife to set here and have a listen. I said well what do you think. Crystal clear with a lot of details in the music she said, when do you have to send back the cords, I said never I hope!
Also let me say, if you are one of those guys who don’t think power cords make a difference. Then try the DCCA audio power cords and see if you don’t freak-out over these cords like I did.

Conclusion: I saw hi-fi Dave and I told him, well I think I don’t need to buy any more power cords for a long time, I am done! With the DCCA audio power cords in the system, my system is singing big time. With the Source pc cord on the dac-2 and REF-1 on the Rogue amp working together as a team, this combo is hard to beat. And I don’t have to dream of owning all those 2 and 3 thousand-dollar power cord anymore.

Bill Glenn
God Bless

Associated gear
Rogue 88 Tube Amp.
Yamaha Preamp/Antique Sound lab LHO1.
Belcanto dac-2, Chang 3200 PLC.
Speakers are the B.G. 420’s Bolender Ribbons.

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