Review: EBTB - (Everything But The Box) Terra II - (AM) Monitor

Category: Speakers

After seeing the Terra II’s at the Frankfurt show, I was tempted to get a pair (the Red and Black ones) for my home set up. If I am honest, I really wasn’t sure of their true capabilities as I had only heard them on your stand and whilst I was impressed, it was not the best environment to make a serious judgement. But after checking them out on your site (and the store was so confident that they would refund if I wasn’t happy), I felt I would take the plunge.

Being an audio engineer, I immediately pulled out a couple of mixes and sat down to listen with remote in hand. My first impression was how accurate they were, there are particular sounds I always listen out for. For example, I mixed a track where the vocal was heavily compressed and the breaths between lines were prominent. Whilst these subtleties are obvious on my Yamaha NS10’s and DynAudio Air15’s in the studio, it was not the case with either my B&W DM600 S3’s or my (up until now) favourites KEF Minipods in the house. But the Terra II’s were absolutely accurate, not only did I hear the breaths but I also heard a string harmony that I had forgotten was there in the first place.

I then went on to listen to an array of material ranging from classical to contemporary and I was very impressed. They have provided me with an honest, true and uncoloured listening experience.

Well done EBTB and can I have another pair free of charge for loving them so much (the Mrs wants a pair)?

Associated gear
Any high quality amp.

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