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Initial impressions of Evolution Acoustics MM3 Loudspeaker

I've been fortunate enough to receive my pair of Evolutions Acoustics MM3s this week and wanted to share my initial excitement and impressions.

It can be quite intimidating when 1887 lbs of freight arrive at your door, but in the case of the MM3s is was a welcomed sight. The crating system and speaker setup was actually a pleasure and straight forward- just have some strong friends around. (Thanks Arthur!)

Given the speakers were brand new with no break-in, I was expecting less than stellar sound- actually even a little disappointment. I can’t help to write the superlatives below because that’s what I’m hearing. If it appears too over the top, so be it, but for me it is an accurate description of the speaker’s performance so far.

I placed the MM3s where my trusted Vandersteen 5As sat for quite some time and the sound quality (out of the box,, unspiked, with the factory control settings) is nothing short of revelatory! They are totally disappearing in my room leaving a glorious wide and deep soundstage. There is no hint that the sound is even coming from the speakers- magical given their size. To my amazement, they are disappearing better than my 5As did.

Clarity and detail are the best I have heard period. The bass is amazingly tight and deep. Dynamics are to die for and are downright scary. The DarTZeel’s 100 watts can drive these to ear splitting levels in my 17 x 21 room. The speaker is also wonderfully coherent with a superb blending of the 15” powered woofers, Accuton mids, and ribbon tweeter. Highs are much better than my 5As with no hint of edge or fatigue. I know things will continue to change, but as it is right now, there is not one area where this speaker is not world class and the best I’ve heard. To my ears, they are sounding considerably better than they did at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Once you start listening it's hard to break away as they are just so engaging and musical.

The build quality and finish are superb. Each speaker is 6 feet tall and close to 600lbs yet has so many graceful curves and lines it is truly a thing of beauty. They taper to only 9 inches around back. The cabinet is the most inert I know of.

I truly had some reservations about selling my 5As, but there is no question these speakers are in an entirely different league. I’m looking forward to even more improvements as things break-in, final placement and controls are tweaked, and the spikes are installed.

This is going to be fun! Back to the music!

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Hey Frank. This is Barry K. If they sound that way out of the box, just wait till they break in. I truely believe that there is nothing better out there. I told you that they would perform even better when they were set up for the magic spot as opposed to show conditions. Seeing them in your room has got me very excited about my MM2's which should arrive shortly. Can't wait. Enjoy....
Hey Barry. You are in for a real treat. They really are sounding much better than at the show. I have several fun weeks ahead with break-in, final placement, and tweaking the controls on the back.

Adding to my initial impressions, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the owner's manual. It is very comprehensive and one of the best I've read in terms in allowing you to be totally comfortable in understanding all you need to know about the speaker.

Easy to follow, it explains every aspect of the speaker from uncrating and setup, to explaining what every control does (and why it does what it does) and how to us them, to room setup and acoustics, and break-in. Overall it gives you a great understanding on how to get the best from the speaker without scratching your head or guessing "what do they mean?".
Would the Audio Research REF 610T be a good match for the MM3's? Also I have always been shy about loudspeakers with powered bass modules so why did this designer choose to go with this arrangement. I just want a speaker that can boogie like the MBL 101E but not one with the drawbacks of omni-design.
Hi Mr Frank

WOW!!! Your system looks quite impressive, I have NTT AudioLab 101S speakers driven by PassLab XA200.5. I would love to come over if you live in Dallas/fort Worth areas.

Thank you

i am toying with the idea of replacing my current speakers with the MM2. I currently have Rockport Aviors, which by the way, I love.

The only reason reason I would contemplate changing the Aviors are for bigger, better scale of presentation, bass definition and depth and most importantly, the ability to adjust the bass and tweeter response. Hence the veer towards EA speakers.

While this thread is old, I hope someone will be able to comment on whether I am looking in the right direction or not? Also, I would be quite keen to buy a used pair of MM2 or MM3 ( for that matter) if someone here is keen to sell theirs on way to an upgrade.