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Classics Clarity Vinyl
I have the following:Somethin ElseBlue TrainTullArmstrong/Ellington Together for first timeThey are all quiet with fantastic sonics. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
I just played the stereo version of Cannonball's 'Somethin Else' on Classic clarity vinyl (4 sided 45 RPM). Unbelievable music, recording and pressing. Anyone out there try other titles on Clarity vinyl? 
Verity Audio: To Nagra or not to Nagra?
I owned the Parsifal Encores a while back (very nice speakers). I believe that Nagra was shown with Verity because they were under the umbrella of the same distributor. While they are a good match, you may want to look at alternatives with more po... 
Avalon Eidolen VS Porac D80 or B&W 802D
I've been involved in audio for over 30 years and I'm familiar with the speakers you mentioned. Properly set up, there is no comparison between the three. The Eidolons are way superior in every way IMO. 
What Printed Magazine do you prefer?
My vote goes to HiFi+. Roy Gregory is now with Nordost. However, I believe that he will still be reviewing select products that are not associated with the various types of Nordost products he now represents. 
Dynavector XV-1S impressions?
Soundstage should also greatly improve with break in. I hear a very layered stage with my set up. Cartridge should transform after proper break in (50 hours minimum). You may also want to try lowering your loading (around 500 ohms) and raising you... 
I am considering several used sme 20 turntables.
I previously owned an SME 20/2 (older power supply). It is a superb table and highly recommended. 
MF Beatle Boxes are awfully dear.
I had the Blue Beatles box and Liverpool Box (odeon). Both were Japanese pressings. While warmer sounding than the MF set, I definitely preferred the focus and clarity of the MF pressings. On the other hand, I found the Stones MF box set to be on ... 
Zyx Universe Break In
Has anyone broken in a cartridge playing in the lead out groove? An experienced turntable manufacturer suggested breaking a cartridge in this way. I played mine in the lead out groove for a couple of days and that got me off to a great start with ... 
Best Album Purchase, or Best Evaluating Record
Isao Suzuki String band (featuring Ron Carter) on Flying Fish direct to Disc. I brought it to an audio show to play on the Caliburn table. The guys from Caliburn commented on how incredible the recording was. The music is even better. The Fone jaz... 
Why is some vinyl noisy?
Vinyl noise is the nature of the beast. Even with it's faults, I much prefer top class analog to top class digital. 
Von Schweikert VR-5 vs Revel Salon2
Arkio,You mention Evolution Acoustics. I'm running the Evolution Acoustics MM2's. Yes, they are 50K, but I've heard nothing better at any price. I just wanted to menton the new smaller Evolution Acoustics Mini 2's. They are the smaller versions of... 
Thoughts on evolution acoustic speaker cables
Although I'm an Evolution dealer, I just wanted to say that I've compared these cables to some very highly regarded cables and I've heard nothing better. The Evolutions combine state of the art clarity with a huge open holographic stage with jet b... 
Life after DarTZeel
Mtdking mentions that he is pleased going from the dart to the Levinson 33H. I brought the Dartzeel to a customers home and compared it directly to his 33H's on his Sonus Faber Strads. The dart was superior in every way and the improvements were n... 
Dynavector DV 507 MKII
I'm a Dynavector dealer. I saw the arm in black at CES (looked beautiful). I confirmed with the USA importer that it is now available in black as well as silver.