Review: Fosi Audio TDA7498E Mini Hi-Fi Class D Integrated Amp 160 Watts x 2 into 4 Ohms

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May 2019 Issue

Fosi Audio TDA7498E Mini Class D Integrated Amp

Do you like small yet powerful mini amps? The specs of the Fosi Audio TDA7498E are a little bit hard to believe. Fosi is claiming that this amp does 160 watts x 2 into 4 ohms with distortion levels at .04 % over the whole audio spectrum. I can not verify that, but it does play pretty loud. Specifications like that would tickle any audiophiles fancy. The Fosi amp is very small, but it packs a good punch. Do you like simple amps without fancy buttons and knobs? The Fosi has a small toggle power switch on the front and a small well-built volume knob also. The rear of the amp is just as simple with just a pair of rca inputs, speaker jacks and the plug in for the power supply. The included power supply is also small, yet it is rated at 24 volts and 4.5 amps. The Fosi amp sells for $76 from, and includes the power supply. It also comes with an 18 month warranty. 

I mounted the Fosi amp on the Jefferson Memorial T-Amp stand and attached a $200 power cord to the power supply and plugged it straight into the wall. Interconnects and speaker cables were from entry level hi-fi brands.  Teac speaker placement was about 5 feet from the back wall, placed on high quality Target speaker stands. I would suggest that you keep the Fosi amp powered on for several weeks before you do any critical listening. 

Reference Discs 

Tina Turner Private Dancer 

I listened to the song, "Private Dancer" by Tina Turner to get an idea of the bass quality. The bass was tight and thumpy in my near field listening area. This song also identified the vocal qualities of the amp which were also very good. Very good neutrality and transparency as well as a touch of subtlety and a very nice expression of emotions. I also like track number one, "I Might Of Been Queen". On this selection the percussion instruments had a slight touch of tube like sound. The vocals had a good sense of flow with a fairly wide octave range. 

If you are looking for a small yet powerful amp that comes close to your entry level full size gear, the Fosi amp might do it for you. The fit and finish is very nice and it is simple to use. Small class D amps are getting better and better and they are starting to live up to the promise of delivering the entry level sound of full size components. 

Reference Equipment

Onkyo DV-SP405
Jefferson Memorial T-Amp Stand
Teac LS-301 Speakers
Target Speaker Stands
Ixos stereo interconnect
Ixos 603 Speaker Cable
Audience power cord
Just wait until you connect it to a pair of Apogee Scintilla's (1 ohm!) - and it melts!
It will work well with a pair of small speakers that don't drop below 4 ohms and roll off bass at 40 - 50hz. Stay away from Wilson's and Magico's!
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I have one  of the smaller ones and it sounds good very good indeed  and surprisingly loud (85db sensitivity), for not alot of money you can buy a soundbar, logitech,creative (pc speaker) killer
It's important to note that the rated power for all these Fosi amps is misleading. Normal power rating standards are supposed to be given as RMS, not peak, but clearly Fosi is going for peak/ideal/fluffed. In this case the power supply is 24V @ 4.5 amps, which means at 100% efficiency (which is impossible) the amp is capable of producing 108 watts total (simple volts x amps for watts). (An amp cannot send more power to the speakers than its power supply supplies.) At a typical 80% efficiency of a Class D, that's more like 86 watts, and of course it's 2-channel so that realistically means roughly 43 watts per channel.

That may still be enough for a lot of users, but I figured I'd point that out so that people knew not to be expecting 160W RMS x2, because that's never going to happen with this amp.
I did ask fosi audio if i could use a 32 volt for a  Fosi Audio TDA7498E i now have, there respond recommendtion was to use a 24 v 10 a power supply but stock is 24v and 4.5a, would 10a make a difference ? 
I have a different Fosi amp (40w with built in Bluetooth also < $100 on Amazon) in one of my setups. Works very well within its power limits with a pair of Boston A40 speakers. Would very much like to hear it with a high efficiency very easy load pair. Should compete well with way more expensive flea power tube amps I would expect. The value is top notch for sure.

I run very well reviewed 500w/ch Bel Canto ref1000m monoblocks in my main rig.
My amp has a læittle grouding problem, when i adjust the volume theres a little static noice that is gone when i touch the front when i adjust the volume.
My amp has a læittle grouding problem, when i adjust the volume theres a little static noice that is gone when i touch the front when i adjust the volume.
Hmmmm, what makes you think that's a grounding issue?