Review: KCI Falcon Interconnect

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This cable is apparently a new offering from John of Kool Cables, maker of the very well reviewed world class KCI Silkworms.

Given the great reputation of the Silkworms, I decided to give this new digital cable a try at its very low introductory price.

First off, shipping was lightning fast. The cable's fit and finish are impeccable.

I then spent a weekend of critical listening, comparing the Falcon to my reference - a Stealth Varidig Sextet BNC-BNC.

The Varidig Sextet, as I've written in 'Gon forums, has been the only cable I've ever tried that has made a "component-level upgrade" enhacement to my system.

I am most pleased to report that the KCI Falcon performs to about 95% of the virtues of the Varidig Sextet.

Low level detail retrieval is identical. Zero background noise. Images are solid and holographic. The Varidig Sextet has just a smidge more liquidity, but by no means is the Falcon edgy or sibilant in my rig.

Conclusion: The KCI Falcon digital cable runs with a $2400 competitor (IMO the best on the planet) and concedes precious little for its significantly lower cost. It should be THE digital cable for all but those who must have (and pay the premium for) the ultimate.

That says it all. Thanks, John!

Associated gear
dCS stack >> Audio Note custom L3 preamp >> Atma-Sphere MA-1 monoblocks >> Selah Audio line arrays

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Nice little review. I had ordered a Falcon earlier today but now I'm even more eager to try it out. So, will you be selling the Stealth?
I have two systems with BNC-BNC cdt>>DAC connection, so both cables have a home. You will be very happy with the Falcon, I'm sure!
Has anyone compared the Falcon to John's other digital cable, the Pegasus? I've been thinking about trying one of his digital cables, but I'm not sure which one to get...

Hi John,
Thank you for the nice review, glad to hear that you are enjoying all those Falcons!! lol. Now if everyone would order as many as you then we'd be smiling. Seriously though, thanks for the kind words.

I sent you an email trying to describe the difference in sound between the two, hope you got it. As you know, any questions shoot me an email and I'll do my best to answer them.

Hope everyone has a great day!