Review: Luxman T-110 Tuner

Category: Miscellaneous

#1 Musical tastes: Jazz artists, Classical Rock, and Oldies. I test bass with AC DC. I test soundstage with Eric
Clapton "UNplugged".
#2 Most important aspects of sound: Soundstage, bass, spaciousness, and richness.
#3 What turns me off: Poor bass control, compressed radio stations, and hazy background.
#4 How long in system?: A couple of months.
#5 What did it replace?: A Harman Kardon reciever.
#6 How did the sound change my system?: Subtily, at first, and then really got better as I listened to it more, and more.
#7 It's strentghs are: Analog sweetness, Solid bass, spaciousness, and musicality.
#8 Weaknesses are: It needs to be aligned, but rather a sleeper, yet is highly regarded, and is better than alot of tuners I have heard.
#9 Would I still own this If I had my choice?: No, but then
I may end up going back to it, if I did not hear anything better.

Associated gear
Aragon amp, Klipsch speakers, Bryston pre amp.

Similar products
Accuphase T 100, Harman Kardon AVR 40,
and a Marantz.