Review: Micheal Wolff 75C-C Power cord

Category: Cables

If you are in the market for a pc this may be the one for you.After breaking in for two weeks i have found this cable to be extremely smooth,detailed,three dimentional.Listening to male or female vocals they were natural and clear.Listening to jazz the dark background allowed the instruments to have ample and natural tecture and air to them.The bass was well controlled and the upper end extension was clean which if your system is a tad bright may really help you out.If you like these attributes as i do i highly recommend you give it a try!I don't like any harshness in a system and this pc is excellent at keeping this to me from happening.Bob

Associated gear
ML-prodigy,W-5 amp,Audiomecca Obession2 cdp,ML-Ref32

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What other power cords have you used in your system that you compare the Micheal Wolff 75C-C Power cord to for comparison purposes and what were the results?
I like the MW pc because of the attributes i stated above.It just lets the music play naturally and neutral.I also had the PS Audio-lab but found it
kinda rounded out the bottom.Regards Bob