Review modified Silent Angel Bonn N8

During the past 10 years, AudioFacts has spent thousands of hours doing research in both sound&vision. With the aim to create new standards in sound&vision, so a lot more people can get access to a significantly higher level of realism and emotion in both picture and sound. Modifications are necessary to create an ultimate level in the quality of audio. Each modification we create must always be unrivaled by any competition.

In recent years we have tested and listened to various switches. But unfortunately, most of these switches (including some very expensive ones) are not able to unveil all different aspects of sound. So you will always lose some degree of the emotion of your system. And then suddenly the Silent Angel Bonn N8 came onto our path. The Bonn immediately showed it can give us access to all different aspects of sound.

The modified Silent Angel Bonn N8 is equipped with 5 new capacitors (worth over 100 euros). In addition, both the top and the bottom side is equipped with a special bitumen with crystals. This reduces both the vibrations from the outside and it shields the Bonn N8 against electric fields from the outside. RJ stoppers immediately and audibly increase the dynamics and resolution. The modified switch brings digital audio to a new dimension.

We work by Tru-Fi (which stands for True Fidelity) this ables us to select each individual product and every single component for a modification based on its DNA. This means in fact that we first assess whether a product and even a single component (for modification) are capable of bringing all different aspects/properties of sound to life. We even want to become aware of how all different aspects of sound are being processed by a product or a single component.

At the end of 2012, we started to focus on streaming. And we began listening and testing many different streaming products and DA converters. Even in these tests we think and work by Tru-Fi. Because we want to transfer the music with all the details and aspects of the recording so we can experience and feel all the emotion the music possesses. By working with various "experts" we have gained a lot of knowledge in “specific” aspects which can affect digital audio.

This knowledge translates into the various adjustments and choices in components we use for our modifications. By decreasing the influence of Electro-smog, high-frequency noise, and magnetism on digital audio we literally create new standards in performance in digital playback. Because we can hear an audible large increase of dynamics and detail of a recording. The biggest step we have taken can be found in the increase in the layering of sound.

Emotion is the only key to success in audio.

And for that, you actually need an audio system and also a source that can reveal all different aspects/properties of sound. On the recording, you will find the details and all the different aspects of the music. And together they create the emotion the music possesses. All the different aspects of sound can affect our emotions independently listening to music. And therefore we consciously work by all different aspects that music contains.

And then you start to listen ...............

It is difficult to imagine that you are still listening to the same switch. The difference has become day and night. Again you can hear a large increase in dynamics and resolution. Even the stage depth, width, and height increased significantly. But actually, that is not even the most special part which the modification adds. Voices and instruments are convincing more tangible and more layered displayed. Several times we switch between the standard switch and the modified version of it.

Strikingly, immediately we have a 'smile' on our face with each start of a track. The addition of the modification does so much inside of us and the way the music comes to us. "However," the improvement in 'coherence' of voices and instruments makes you aware of how much more natural they sound. The increase in the "black level" give voices and instruments much more a delimitation (shape) in space. Never before have we experienced voices and instruments so physically tangible and free from each other.

It proves how much more details and layers you can get out of streaming music with this modified Bonn N8 switch. It also shows the Achilles heel of streaming. We were surprised by how big this new step is that we have made again in digital audio. With all our previous adjustments and choices together we can say now; "This goes much further than what is even possible with a CD player."

So the next question is; “can you make an even bigger step that goes beyond the use of only a modified Bonn N8?”

By just adding a modified AudioFacts SBooster to a modified Silent Angel Bonn N8 we created a 'new' level of digital audio that stands on its own. When we first auditioned this combination, we knew immediately that it is unique and far superior. From many recordings, we thought we knew well, we could hear different new details that we previously could not perceive. The increase of even more AUTHORITY AND CONTROL of each song we played was breathtaking.

Voices and instruments became more lifelike (intimate) in both size and shape than we have ever auditioned before. The low freq. became a lot more powerful after the addition of a modified AudioFacts SBooster and showed even more layers in the lowest freq. The resolution in the high freq. increased convincingly as well. Again it increased the stage in depth, width, and height. During several songs, 2nd and 3rd voices become suddenly more tangible and separated from the singer(s). Cymbals are displayed even higher in space.

Both the modified Bonn N8 switch separately and the combination together with our modified SBooster, have brought us a big step forward in the level of performance in streaming. This proves more than ever that streaming is the 'future' of digital audio. Digital audio never sounded so 'analog'.

Prices: Modified Silent Angel Bonn N8 costs 575 euros.
- Individual modification of the Bonn N8 costs 199 euros.
- RF stoppers with a sticker cost 5 euros each.
- Modified Audio Facts SBooster 5v costs 479 euros.
(All sold Modified SBoosters are already burned in by us)