Review: New Valve Order SPA II Tube preamp

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A giant killer phono stage is born !
Over the past 25 years , I had been in search of the very best phono preamp.
I think I had finally reached Nirvana.

Before the NVO SPA 2, I had tried the following great phono-stages :

Klyne Audo Arts 3.5,
Vandetta SCP 2T,
Tom Evans Groove + SBX,
Artemis Lab PL1,
Audio Research Ref 2,
Tron Seven Reference ,
Oswald Mills phono stage,
Experience the Music Kahn LCR,

The NVO SPA II tops them all.

This is a 22 tube unit from Greece imported by Steven Klein of Sound of Silence.
Despite being a tube unit, the SPA II is the most quiet phono stage that I ever owned.
Micro-dynamics are the best with great rhythm / pace.
The sound stage is deep and holographic as well.
The highs are extended but not fatiguing like solid state units.
It has the emotional impact of the Kahn LCR unit but without the penalty of hum associated with nickel LCR's.

I cannot wait to try it out on my other system with the Telos armand Ortofon A90 unit.

I hope to report back in a few weeks.

Associated gear
Saskia Turntable,
Durand Talea 2 Tone arm
Dynavector XVs 1 T cartridge
ASR Emittor 2 version blue amp
Genesis 1.1 Speaker system
Hifirabbit. It is great to hear from another owner of the NVO SPA II since there aren't many of them out there. It is perhaps the best kept secret and the best buy in phono stages at the moment.

I bought my NVO SPA-II Phono Preamplifier based on Jeff Day’s review in Positive Feedback On Line,
without hearing it, I couldn’t find one nearby to go and listen to. I had read Jeff’s review of the Tannoy Westminster Royal SE, and owning a Tannoy Canterbury SE myself, it gave me a sense of his musical taste.

Right out of the box, the NVO SPA II sounded quite better than my Parasound Halo JC3 phono preamp, it was quieter (much to my surprise given that solid state units are generally quieter than tubed units), it had better rhythm and pace, the bass was a little more fleshed out and I could hear the bass lines much better than I had ever heard in my system. The only original downside was that it was a little bit on the dark side. As it broke in, it got a lot better. There is now no hint of darkness, it is very transparent when it needs to be. It has the grin factor, vocals are so realistic they will bring a grin to your face, all of a sudden you get the realization that this is how real music is supposed to sound like. It has the shock and awe factor, for music with dynamics, its limitless dynamics will shock and awe you. I have had it for about 3 months now and it has gotten better each week.
It is by far the best phono stage I have ever had and I have had my share of very expensive phono stages.
Thanks gentleman. Yes this 22 tubes unit from Cyprus has redefined my thoughts on phono pre-amps. It actaully has blown away my Kondo M-7 stand alone phono unit that retails for almost $30,000! It has now been sold and will never look back.

(dealer disclaimer, even for Kondo an expensive memory but really not worth the asking price!)
Lula ~ That can be done with either RCA or XLR terminations that you use in the back with different resistors. NVO sends with each unit a 100 ohm XLR input.
The input impedance of the MC stage is set at 1000 ohms when shipped.
Please feel free to email me at:
sklein at soundsofsilence dot com
I've heard the SPA against the Kondo M-7 phono at the dealers and just wow, what a difference the SPA was. So much more "you are there" quality. The Kondo was dark and no life. And at a fraction of the cost.
Not to go to far off topic, but what did u think of your groove plus SRX compared to this and your other phono stages? I like the sound of my std groove and was thinking of picking up a used plus SRX to get lower noise floor and better cartridge matching.
I am sereously thinking of getting one of these. any folllow ups or advice before i take the plunge?
Be keen to know how it stacks up against the other new giant killer (or so it would seem) the Zesto Andros PS1?
Petermax we have the SPA-II/2 SE and also the new SPA-One SE in house. Yes the SPA-II/2 SE is better in resolution and beleive it or not the nosie floor has dropped but the ONE-SE is just unbeleivable!

(Dealer disclaimer)