Review: Philips SACD-1000 CD Player

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I have never written a review,but I am so impressed with Dan and this all out mod I wanted to pass it on. I had the full mod with clock and volume control completed about 3 months ago and it is the best money spent and value that I can remember..Service and work are outstanding..

A quick note on my system-Amps are AQ1009 845 DT MONOS with KR845,Western Electric 350b driver,Mullard 12AU7..Speakers are Dennessen and all wire is Jenalabs.Products I have had in the past couple years-VAC/Wright/VR/Basis/VPI/Orbe/Sound Lab/Avalon/etc. I had over 5000 records. I sold the records and preamp and record playing equipment after I listened to this player..I am satisified with the sound and was tired of the LP hassle..

The sound from this player is music. I have had many sessions 10-12 hours and never had a desire to turn it off or change the disk before it was done..You must have good CDs or SACDs. If the music is on, forget about doing anything except total involvement in the music..It will not allow you to use it as background music while you do something eles.

It has all the magic -detail/soundstage/tone/bass/mid/high/etc.-and puts it all together into real music. I listen to live music at least twice a month and my daughter is an singer who just returned from a Japan tour..This setup is as close to live as I have heard..

Right now I am having a pair of ASL Tulips go through a major mod for biamp using #45 tubes--more on that later.

This ModWright Philips 1000 has the highest recommandation. You owe it to yourself to speak to Dan Wright. You will not regret it.

Associated gear
ASL 1009-Jenalabs wire-Dennissen speakers

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Ooops,I had just sold my nasty digital player after I was tired of the Digital hassle. (SOUND)

How dare you sold your 5000 LP's without calling me ??