Review: Polk Audio Monitor 5jr Monitor

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I got these used for $135 a pair. They were my first "real" hifi speakers, and I still love them. I have since upgraded to B&W DM 605 s2, a much newer, more expensive speaker, but these little polks still stick around my house, because they plain and simple make good music. They are suprisingly capable in the bass region, and overall they exhibit a nice warm top to bottom coherence. They are not by any means the latest word in detail or resolution, and don't really do the "hifi" tricks as well as more recent speakers, but they aren't weak in any area, and really are very easy to listen to. They don't have nearly as much detail or clarity as the B&Ws, but they shouldn't at the different price range. The Paradigms compare nicely, I like both about the same, but the paradigms are a different beast, with more detail on the top end. Compared to the LX-5s, the Polks are faster, richer, and more detailed in the bass/midrange, and rather similar in the treble, though the LX-5s do work better as rear surrounds. If you can find these on the used market, they are well worth the price, as they are truly a musically satisfying speaker. They should be matched with a fairly fast and neutral amp, overly sweet tubes would make these too soft, though my brother's Jolida integrated drove them nicely. I'm very happy with them, and I think that I'll put them in my childs room as a musical pacifier when the kid is born- they are so easy to listen to, you can really relax with the music.

Associated gear
Nad 3155 integrated amp
Sony and/or marantz cd player
PC soundcard

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It is amazing how the first series of Polk Speakers such as these and the Model 7 and Model 10,continue to impress years after they were new. The Polk SDA series were fabulous as well. In my opinion Polk speakers since then,just dont have the the same sonics or build quality.Guess like other speaker companies,have had to compromise somewhere to stay in business. Clearly Polk could reissue these speakers again,provided of course the sonics were the same as the orginals. The early Polks were certainly benchmark speakers. The testament lays in their continued demand in the secondary market.
12-28-02 Maxx

Let's hear it for musical speakers.

I owned a pair of Polk Monitor 7s and traded up (?) to some B&W towers that cost more than twice as much. The B&Ws were extremely accurate, but I found myself enjoying my music collection less. This recording was poorly mixed; that one, the miking sucked. I think I can safely say that the B&Ws were truly great monitors and would be at home in a recording studio.

But, for enjoying music................... Anyway, if you want to enjoy music buy speakers that play (even make) MUSIC.

I personally have decided that speakers which make your worst recordings sound good are to be treasured. Ruthless accuracy may be a poor goal to seek in speakers for enjoyment.

I have the Polk 5jr's as well. Recently, I've been out looking for new speakers. However, for the price I paid for these things over 10 years ago now, they stand competently against the lower-mid level products from B&W or Paradigm.

Probably will keep these if I ever find something else I find pleasing to the ear.
I owm Polk Monitor 5jr's. They play down into the 30's, are highly sensitive and efficient, and play nice with my other gears. I don't roll tubes; I roll receivers (6). My Polks compare to my other bookshelf offerings (AR, Infinity, Cerwin-Vega, A/D/S) very favorably, and even give my awesome Klipsch Fortes a run for their money. Speaking of money, I only paid $35 for them, making them possibly my best audio bargain, next to my Infinity Qe's I paid $10 for. Anyways, a solid performer, anyway you slice it.