Review: Silent Audio Appolo A Interconnect

Category: Cables

I am in no way associated with Silent Audio in any capacity beyond that of an extremely satisfied customer. I will make this review short and offer further elaboration at a later time.

My system is wired exclusively with Silent Audio, excepting the speaker cables, whicn I plan on trying as well but for now my Mapleshades are doing a spectacular job. I have had the various Silent Audio cables in my system for two months now and I have to say that they are among the absolute best buys you can ever hope to find in audio. These cables go right along with my guiding rule in audio; simpler sounds better. Even though the cables are simple, the sound they let through is not. They will produce all of the music that the preceding equipment is putting out, they really do let you hear what your system is capable of.

I have read that other users find these cables somewhat bright. In my system, brightness is in no way an issue, and I am using the silver versions through out my system. I have tubes in only one component in my system, but I have no bright components. If you hear brightness through these cables, it ain't the cables my friend. If your components are warm, these cables will sound warm, if your components are bright, well that's what you'll get. Trust me when I say that these are tranparent to the source.

The other wonderful thing about these cables is the man behind them. I have experienced very few people in high end audio that care more about the customer than Paul at Silent Audio. Paul has taken care of me as if I were a life long customer that has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars with him. More than anything, this speaks volumes about the company and his product.

I advise anyone looking for cables (or even if you're not, these are an ear opener) to look into Silent Audio, you will not be dissapointed. If you're looking for tone controls, you'll be dissapointed, but if you want cables that sound like no cables, give em' a try.

Associated gear
Nakamichi CD2 used as a atransport, Scott Nixon Tubedac+ with upgrtaded power supply, Django Passive TVC linestage, Monarchy Audio SM70 monoblocks, Meadowlark Swifts.

Similar products
Mapleshade Clearview and Excalibur. Kimber Kable 1130 balanced.
I too find the Silent Audio Appolo A interconnect to be one of the great reasonably priced audio products.

I find it interesting that they sound so good in your system. I use them in a very high end (expensive) Krell/B&W system. The air and detail that they provide are perfect for my setup.

(and yes, the company is great to deal with!)
Drrdiamond, based on my experience with silver cables, I can only surmise that silver cables aren't really bright as many people say, but are revealing of bright components or bad system synergy. Specifically, bright speakers and cd players.