Review: Von Schweikert Audio VR-3 Speaker

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Lots of speaker for the money. Went from ACI Sapphire III's and Titan II sub which I dearly love to the VR3's. I am running through the direct inputs of my Anthem so no preamp processing is utilized. Straight from the great CAL DAC to the amp.

Remarkably they have many of the Sapphire's qualities but on a much larger scale. They are musical and involving. The soundstage is wall to wall and deep. These have a rear firing tweeter for ambience which adds greater depth to the soundstage than the Sapphires ever hope to have. The aluminum tweeter is coated so there is no ringing or brightness in the high end. The mid range is smooth and there is a chamber to sandfill behind the mid & tweeter to further dampen them. Despite the wide soundstage the imaging is pinpoint. It is astounding. Vocals are amazingly true to the recording-more evidence of the great midrange. A sub is not required. Bass is full, tight, and quick reaching easily below 30Hz. The whole package is smooth and well integrated. Detail is there but it is not razor sharp but I find crystal detail unnatural. These sound like the music especially piano.

On the down side they are not beautiful like some speakers. Oak end caps and black grill cloth all around. They are also big and weigh in at 120+ pounds when sand filled. Position before sandfilling and spiking. Still, when the music starts they disappear.
They are also single wire and the speaker cover is not removable. I have found these things do not matter once you hear them.

These are from a superb speaker company that has yet to find the mainstream which means the prices are still right for the performance you get. I listened to Wilson Puppy's at a dealer and though I found them better than the VR3's they were not worlds apart as I expected.

Associated gear
Anthem AVM2 pre/pro
Parasound 1205a amp
Kimber 8vs speaker cable
Kimber hero ICs

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I heartily agree with Entrope. If you have the space for these rather large speakers, and can live with their rather low aesthetics, the VR3's are fantastic SOUNDING speakers.

I have been using the VR3's for about three months now. Given their size, the speakers do a remarkable disappearing act that can only be compared to the best monitor speakers. Imaging, particularly front to back imaging, is uncanny. The soundstage is incredibly wide and deep, and the rear firing tweeter does add some nice elements to the sonic picture.

The mid range is absolutely pure. The highs are smooth, but detailed. As has been mentioned by many before me, the bass response is absolutely stunning. Tight, deep, musical bass that truly goes down into the 20hz range.

I should also mention that Von Schweikert Audio is one of those high end companies that still believes in quality customer service. I've talked directly to Albert Von Schweikert on several occassions to talk about room placement, cabling, and component matching. He is a wonderfully courteous and knowledgeable individual.

My associated gear:

Pioneer Elite DV-37 DVD/CD Player
Quicksilver Audio Remote Line Stage (All Tube)
Forte Audio Model 1a Amp (50 watts, pure class A)
Virtual Dynamics cryoed Power Three Power Cords
Virtual Dynamics Audition Interconnects
Just an agree with the positive reviews of the VR-3 and a note to say that the WAF factor is a lot higher than with some other large speakers that we examined.
i also find the vr3 to be a fine speaker.and agree with your opinions on the wonderful bass and mid response.