silverline vs von schweikert

Hi, does anyone have opinions about silverline sonata III vs. Von Schweikert VR4 JR's. The main things I am curious about are ease of room placement, versatility in terms of types of music they perform best with and if the need arises, with proper power, which one will be more likely to blow your hat off at 10 feet? (I am exagerating but you know what I mean)Once again Thanks for any input!!!
I had the Silverline original Sonata for years and now have the VS 4jrs and SRs.

Ease of placement definately goes to the VS speakers, as well as being a more versatile speaker.

The Sonatas are easier to power and probably less fussy overall to the partnering system, and are probably more likely to blow your hat off at 10 ft. The JRs have awesome bass, but it isn't the room shaking kind, I think the Sonatas dig a little deeper than the JRs.

A big plus in my opinion is that the VS speakers are much more enjoyable off axis than the Sonatas, my VS speakers sound good all over the house.

If you have enough power I would go for the VS speakers. I've never had them sound good here with less than 300 watts, where the Sonatas can sound good with low power. If you can do the work required to get the system up to the standards that the JRs like then I think in the end they are a more rewarding speaker.
I use to power my VR4JRs with a 300 watt/channel SS Bryston 4BST and they sounded fantastic. I now use a 75 watt/channel tube McIntosh MC275 and they sound even better. So, power alone isn't the deternining factor.
I did better with my 50 Watt tube amp also. I used to use a 200wpc SS. So, I think it may have been an isolated situation. Quality over quantity has worked for me.
That's interesting Jgiacalo, I've been kicking around the tube idea. I will seriously consider that option. I imagine I'll be asking some more questions after I do some homework. Thank you guys for sharing!
I can't offer an opinion about the VR4 JR's but I have the Sonata III and they are absolutely wonderful. I drive them with Rogue stereo 90's. They are not finicky on placement, placement close to a wall is no problem. Plus they are absolutely gorgeous to look at. I listen to everything except country, rap, heavy metal and the Sonata's simply sing. I think they are at the pinnacle of their performance with vocals. Lush.
You look pretty content and comfortable in your listening chair with your feet up ;-)

How is the diagonal set up working for you in regards to your room acoustics Yohjo?
I auditioned both at CES 2005 and own neither. I agree that VS is a bit less finicky as far as placement; and in fact, it might be a bit easier to drive to get optimum sound relative to the Silverline.

However, the two speakers dont perform in the same class. The Silverline Sonata three is simply a much better product. I know I am not listing a detailed audition report on coherency, soundstage mid highs lows etc.

Its immediately obvious though.

Yes it is definitely comfortable. Even more so with the Ayre cx7e that replaced the bel canto dac2 and cal audio changer. I don't find the diagonal set up a problem at all. Perhaps it is because there is a hallway behind me to my right and the room opens up into a dining area behind me to my left. The sound waves do have room to disburse.
I've had both speakers The VS VR4JR about a year and now the Silverlines. The VS were detailed open sounding with tight bass. But never really wowed me or brought me into the music. THey were on the lean side- somtimes bright(Yes I broke them in for 400 hrs). Not a plus for me -With my CJ Tubes I was looking for something a little richer and full bodied.

The Silverline Sonata 3's did the trick. RIch, full bodied as open as the VS but full bodied and less lean. WIth the Dynaudio tweeters they were never bright. And the midrange on the Sonata drew mw in and got me involved. The VS were a bit too analytical/clinical for me.
I like my music presentation to have character.

The Sonatas knocked me over from the first minute


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I'm using a premier 11a with the 4JRs and it was nice but really improved with biamping. An MF2250 on the bottom really opened up the 4JRs.
Rrodmanr is right. Certain speakers have a "signature". The VR4jr's are very neutral. With tubes they are magical, not analytical. So, the choice is a "house" sound or neutral. On headphones I enjoy Grado's signature sound, but for speakers I ended up choosing the VS's for simply playing what's recorded.
I have a pair of sonata II's. Honestly, they are the only part of my system I don't want to upgrade. They are on the warm side, but very musical and involving. They are very easy to drive, stable for tube gear. The Von S's are excellent, but I will put in a plug for silverline. I paid full price and have never regretted it. My wife cut the check, after hearing classical like she never heard it before. (both of these speakers play all music well). No regrets- warm, musical involving- no fatigue.
I can't speak for the Von S's (though I've read good things) but I can also speak for the Sonatas (I have the II's too) as they are exceptionally musical. They are easy to place but do appreciate the extra effort to get it just right. Never fatiguing and extremely flexible to your choice of power as they are an easy load for SET's (and sound phenomenal on vocals/midrange) while also cranking out any kind of gusto you want with high powered tube or SS. The Sonata III's I believe are a little less efficient at 93db but still excellent, as above, while my II's are 95db and rated for 10 to 1000 watts... who else has such versatility? From jazz to classical to female vocals to some good classic AC/DC and the Cult; I run SS into mine sometimes for slammin (older Rotel monoblocks that sound fine on most rock and roll recordings) , switch to tetrode tubes for most "normal" listening (my VTL monoblocs) , then to triode for "rich and creamy,etc". Looking for a low powered SET next, maybe 8 to 10 watt "300B" based or possibly 15 to 20 watt or so "845" based...( my preamp has 4 pairs of main outputs... I just have to play with speaker cables for a minute ot two) -all with the same speaker! Very satisfying. Listen, and good luck.
Isn't the Sonata Silverline III something like $7,200 while the Von Schweikert VR-4Jr. is $4,500? That hardly seems like a fair contest. I wonder how the Sonata compares to the VR-4Sr.
That hardly seems like a fair contest. I wonder how the Sonata compares to the VR-4Sr.
Apples and oranges, 9rw. The choice--for me--would come down to the type of music I prefer, the amp I want to run (the Sonata III can easily be driven with a 7W SET amp), and the room. I find the Sonata III, which sounds nothing like the Sonata I or II, to deliver an astounding level of refinement. It does not go as deep as the VR4Sr, but the tonal resolution on the Sonata III is up there with the best I've heard. Alan Yun (Silverline prez) brings emotion from the Dynaudio drivers in a way I've not heard even from Dynaudio's speakers.

Caveat: I've not heard the $25K+ Dynaudio speakers.

Hope that helps.
9rw, your right about the prices. The thing that got me wondering was the fact that they were selling for almost the same price used. (give or take a few hundred bucks)