Review: Wegrzyn Loudspeaker &Cable Co. Copper Slam Special Edtion Power cord

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Classical, Jazz and blues are the usual fair. Let me try and make this simple....Geez almighty what a freakin unbelievable power cord!! It is just so damn great that I find it almost silly to throw around the same old stale audiophile just took my ARC HD220 and moved it into Reference territory. I actually felt a tickle in my stomach upon listening to my system with the Copper Slam connected to my was (deep breath):

Emotional, Transparent, pure, smooth, refined, dynamic, extended, huge sounding, layered, grainless, distortion free, full of color, fast, liquid, transcendent, bold, low level detail aplenty

The cord is physicaly huge with superb construction...Love goes into Walter Wegrzyn's products!

60 day trial and destroys Shunyata and just about anything else I can think of from a true's a no brainer!

I've had the cord for 2 months and it get's better over time..more low level detail and dynamics that will startle!! No matter what the case this cord is staying as my reference. My other favorite PC is Transparent MM.

Everything about this PC is amazing...a truly great value!!

Walter Wegrzyn is a him today.

Associated gear
ARC Ref 3
Krell SACD Standard
Krell Resolution 2 Speakers

Similar products
About everything....Transparent MM, MIT, Harmonic Technologies Magic, Shunyata Anaconda, Cardas, Virtual Dynamics Special Edition, Synergistic Designers Ref etc..
Like Dave B, I too am extremely impressed with Walter Wegrzyn's Copper Slam power cord. I have the Ultimate 10 gauge version, which Walter is offering on a 60 day home trial, but it's not going back to him. In fact, IMHO it surpasses one of the most highly regarded power cords out there, and one that has been my reference until now. Wegrzyn's Ultimate not only duplicates its outstanding imaging qualities and top to bottom extension but also handily surpasses it in texture, musicality and naturalness. I would truly call it a music lover's power cord, and I'm not using that term to suggest in any way that you get one of those so called beautifully colored sounds by using it. I've hit my limit with words. I strongly urge that you give it a listen. It is a phenomenal bargain at its current price offering.

Curious if you've tried the top PC offerings from Stealth, Dream State, and/or LessLoss? Have you tried the ICs from Jade Audio?
No not a one! I've been happy with the Wegrzyn and Transparent MM PC's and I love my MIT Oracle V2.2 stuff.
Your missing out not trying the Lessloss. They are the best out there at a price that is a true bargin.

I also have owned Walters power cords and they are fine, the Lessloss is just better in every way and they work as well on front end gear, digtal and amps, plasma/lcd tv's.

These power cords are special and I have heard form many others who are saying the same thing. There a some great power cords out there, some costing up $7,000, none does more to bring out the best in your system as the Lessloss does at $500.00 only.

Mr. B
Phiilyb...Transparent MM power cords are beyond words..YOU need to use them if you care about your music!! Walters are ok but not great.
In your review you wrote:
Geez almighty what a freakin unbelievable power cord!! Everything about this PC is amazing...a truly great value!!
Walter Wegrzyn is a him today.
Dave_b (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers)

Now you say:
Walters are ok but not great.
Dave_b (System | Reviews | Threads | Answers)
No offense intended, but based on the many superlatives in your review, your last critique of this pc is a big contradiction.
Only compared to the Transparent MM pc's...against most other pc's it is still amazing.
It is funny how one cable can be so good in one system ,in another totally different. How clean the power coming in ,how good the filtration is in your
Amplifier,sometimes too much of a good about name brand cables like Wireworld, puristI a sure a lot of money went Into their
Research. Having a full money back guarantee allows me to
Be willing to try them. Morrow has a 5 payment plan,but after speaking with him. Average connectors not even 5 9s Copper, wire From China,it is all in the blend s secret geometry he said which may be partially true.the China bit turned me off.
He even admitted this ,on his cables,the impurites are not even close to as clear as a U.S made Copper ,or -0 crystal from Japan.
Sometimes I wander.
Audio Alchemy is a funny thing...sometimes a stock cord can do it....other times, not so much! I like Transparent, MIT and Audioquest PC's depending on the application.