Review: Whatmough M-10 Monitor

Category: Speakers

Product: Whatmough M-10.
Description: Compact monitor speaker with 4” woofer, 1” soft dome tweeter, sealed enclosure.
List price: $250.
Purchased from: AudioVault, Ft. Myers, FL.

I bought these speakers for a secondary bedroom system but I tried them out first in my main system in place of my Spendor SP2/2 speakers. System context is modified Rega Planar 2 with Ortofon OM20, Sony SCD-CE775 SACD player, Audio Research LS-3, Muse 160, custom made NHT 1259 subwoofer driven by Bryston 6B mono amp. Subwoofer crossover point is 65hz.

I set the M-10’s on top of the Spendors for audition, about 40 inches off the floor. I was pleased to hear a very natural midrange tonality, which I notice especially in woodwinds and vocals, not unlike the Spendors. Highs were very smooth and natural, no stridency. I didn’t try to find the ultimate dynamic limits of the Whatmoughs in my 15x25x8 listening room but they played piano trio and string quartet music at live performance levels with no sense of strain and very nice string and piano tone. I wasn’t asking the M-10s to produce low bass in this system context so I can’t comment on that aspect of their performance.

I have recently heard two of the Paradigm models of similar size and price to the Whatmoughs. With the caveat that I heard the Paradigms in an audio store demo room with lesser quality electronics, I felt that the Whatmoughs are much more open sounding and neutral than the Paradigms.

Finish of the M-10s was surprising. Very nice walnut veneer on all six sides. Removable grills, good binding posts that accept bananas, spades or bare wire. Much better finish than anything I have seen in the price range.

Conclusion? Highly recommended. They exceeded my expectations in every respect. I found these through Audiogon and got very good service from Chris of Audio Vault.