Reviewing the Reviewers

Check out and follow go to the "Audio Critique" page, and then to "Reviewing the Reviewers" page.

This site is run by a man named Arthur Salvatore. He has written much about all aspects of audio on his site...his recommended components, his recommended recordings, his store, etc. He writes like a lawyer, but it seems like he actually has integrity...he must not be a lawyer. :-) Seriously...anyone interested in a point by point analysis of modern audio reviews should check out this site. He's analyzed many reviews and developed his own list of "rules" that most reviews tend to follow (and he's dead-on)...usually because the writer doesn't want to say anything negative about any particular sponsor's (or buddy's) product.

He received an angry letter from Michael Fremer. The letter and his analysis are included on the site. It makes for a long read, but it can be fascinating.'s information than every audio joe (or jane) should be aware of when they read any review...especially when they're planning on pruchasing a product highlighted by a particular review.

If you want to see textbook examples of his "rules" put into practice, just check out any Soundstage review written by Marc Mickelson.

Given Djjd's comments the following thought comes to mind: What kind of person reads an Internet discussion group and expects the same level of journalistic professionalism as that of a highly visible author being paid to write articles whose very content can make or break a company?

No need to share the answer, just ask yourselves the question.

The air *is* heavy with irony, isn't it?
OK Djjd, let's see what you are about. Maybe now, we should start looking at you with the same microscope that you want to use on some of the "reviewers" on Audiogon. It is now more than obvious that you are completely obsessed with me right now. Why is that? Do you think that I am that important? Or, that I am that interesting to talk or think about? I can assure you that I am none of these things. Sorry to disappoint you. Just an average guy who loves audio, but loves music even more. "Annoited"? By who? For and as what? If your opinion is that I am on a high horse, I can assure you, you know me not at all. I express myself on this site, and welcome the expressions of others. You, on the other hand seem to have the idea that your teethless banter is enough to quell the opinions of someone(in this case, me) on this site. You can best believe you do not have any such power. I stand by my words. My assertion of Michael Fremer is the way I honestly read the guy. I have a subscription to Stereophile. I love the magazine. The fact that I express my unhappiness with certain reviewers of facets of the magazine is a plea for it to return to the higher level it once occupied. A question to you, are you here to add anything of consequence, take part in the discussion of audio(what this site is about, believe it or not), or ask a question? Or, is it just to trash me(be honest)? I have witnessed a lot on this site. Your spouting off at me this week is one of the more remarkable things that I have seen. Believe me, I can take anything you can dish out. I am a big boy. I just want to know what are your reasons? If you are man enough, you will come out with it. And, it will be THE TRUTH. Let's try to break it down a little. This whole campaign of yours started with my discussion of the Hifi Show in New York City. I obviously really touched a nerve there(and it's eating you up inside). Admit it. I must have offended you by trashing something very, very dear to you. Is it something you own? Something you, a friend, or relative of yours manufactures, sells, in some way represents, or writes about? We can see this miles away. Come on, come out with it. And I mean the truth, the whole truth, and NOTHING but the truth. That is, if you have the guts...
After reading Treljas' first post here, I must agree 100%. I hate to see him take so much hate-mail for stating his opinion.

For the record, I've been in CES showrooms where highly accredited reveiwers didn't realise that the tweeter section on one side was disconnected. And, the same room recieved high praise in the show report from the very same reveiwer!

Many base their opinion soley on what is reported by the reveiwers, rather than rely on themselves. Why not trust yourselves? Do I feel like an annoited one? No, just a music lover, who has adequate hearing and logic to base my own conclusions. I feel that many of us here, like Trelja and myself, feel the same but will sit this one out to avoid confrontation.

And from reading Fremers response, stating that advertising revenue makes and breaks an audio magazine, don't you think that there may be some favoritism? Remember back in the early eighties when Car and Driver claimed that the Audi quatro was the finest sports/touring auto of the day? Did you happen to see how many pages of ad Audi had? Don't hate me, just give this serious thought.
Oh come on Trelja, not much point in digging for Djjd's motivation. You give him too much attention. I first thought about responding, that he was comparing pears with apples a tad unfairly and that his irony was heavyhanded..but then I stood back from the idea thinking it not worth the trouble. This guy probably just loves to hear himself talk. YAWN.
Djjd I guess the air is indeed full of irony as you anticipated it would in your last paragraph. No surprises there given your attack on Trejla which sounds personal to me. All I read in Trejla's remarks was a personal distain for a particular writer and see little correlation with the points made by Salvadore who was basically presenting his case as objective truth and using hot buttons that most audiophiles would agree with. That is the irony and hyprocisy I saw. A self-appointed savior breaking things down and assuming a bit more than he let on.