Just wanted to share that I got a new reviewing gig with Six Moons.com website

Wanted to share with my fellow Gon members that I have a new staff reviewer position with Srajan Ebaen's Six Moon.com.  I had a long and successful run reviewing for hometheaterreview.com and enjoyed very much my time writing for them.  That reviewing gig came about because they became aware of my reviews here on Audiogon that I wrote for fun and to pass on useful information to members.  

However, nothing stays the same and it was time to move on and I feel honored to be working with Srajan and his staff writers.  I consider him as a reviewer to be top notch and the site offers the greatest diversity of high-end gear from around the world. My passion to find small unknown companies that offer high quality both in design and performance for reasonable prices will still be one of my major objectives.  

I have always considered Audiogon my original "home" and have stayed active on different threads.  Looking forward to sharing what gear I will be reviewing in the next couple months with you members.
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Congrats, Teajay. And well-earned. A lot of us are indebted to you for guiding us to affordable, but amazing sounding audio gear. I look forward to following your work in Six Moons.
You should enjoy writing there- 6Moons covers a range of equipment we seldom see in the States and the format of the reviews is less prosaic. Srajan is an interesting guy- I've had occasion to correspond with him a few times over the years and found him to be refreshing. I think you can also make a difference-- perhaps it is the translation process from some of the reviews originally published in other languages or simply the writing style, but some are prolix-- I'm often reading through a lot of words to get to the essence. 
Your writing style, from what I've seen here, is neither formulaic nor flowery, so I think you bring something to the table. I'll look for your pieces there. 
I guess you'll be forced to go to Munich? :)
Congratulations Tejay ... I've always enjoyed, appreciated, and trusted your insights.  Your tone... for lack of better phrasing...has always come across as practical, genuine and advisory... 

In light of this development, what is to become of the Jays CD2 MK 2 review? I kept looking for it but never found it. Did it/will it get published?
Very nice! 
Always one of my goto sites for reviews especially as others have said for lesser known non mainstream pieces.

Congratulations indeed!
Congrats Teajay. What I find most exciting about your new venue for you and for your readers is that reviews on Six Moons are much more in-depth than Home Theatre Review. The reviews there have to fit in a certain space, and it's always frustrating. It seems like just as you would be getting into the heart of the review, it would end. I think you'll have a lot more space to elaborate now. Best of Luck!  
Congratulations Terry! I think you will be a good fit with Srajan and 6Moons. Make sure they get a sample from Eric.

@klh007 6Moons has listed three "Coming Next" reviews from Teajay.

- LTA Ultralinear Amp
- MHDT Lab Orchid DAC
- Tekton Design Perfect SET Speakers
Congrats Terry!

I saw your upcoming reviews in the queue and thought to myself: 
Hey, I kinda know that guy. Looking forward to looking forward to your upcoming reviews.

All the best,
Congratulations Terry! You have certainly helped me improve my system & I look forward to reading your reviews for 6moons. 
I am new to audiogon but none the less it after a short time it was easy to determine teajay was a seasoned vet and one that i could view as serious and sincere.. Good luck in the new position.   
Congrats Teajay. I look forward to your future reviews. Your rave review of the Starsound Techs. Sistrum Apprentice stands prompted me to try them in my system. So far I have put one under my EVS modded Oppo 205. The addition made a very noticeable positive difference in sound quality. Even though I had the Sistrum SP-004 under my Oppo before I swapped in the Sistrum Apprentice it still made a big jump in sound quality that I would never had guessed the extant of if I hadn't read your article. A Tekton speaker maybe next thing I try!
Congrats Teajay! I look forward to reading your future reviews at 6Moons!

You haven’t steered me wrong yet, as I have built my system with some of the gear that you have reviewed very highly, e.g. a Backert Rhumba preamp, Tekton Impact monitors (and you know I loved the Perfect SETs I heard in your lovely house), the Pass XA25 amp. 

I find that your musical preferences and tastes mirror mine, so yeah, I love your reviews and feedback on gear I probably would never hear or even know about! Kudos!
So will you write what you think or will each word require a translation
as all the others do?
            Congratulations brother! There is no one in this hobby who is  more devoted to it than you! The audio world is better place with you in it! Keep the reviews coming. 
Hey Guys,

Thanks for all your congrats and kind words towards my work in the past.  Just want to inform all of you that the pictures of my systems/rooms just were posted by Srajan on my Bio.  If you are interested in what my systems look like and their acoustic spaces take a look.
Congrats teejay !   

I'm more of a reader/learner than a poster and I look forward to your 6moons reviews .

Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor . 

Happy listening . 
Are you the guy who loved the speakers with the 20 drivers per side 
 The Guy ?

Congrats Teajay! Like many others, I very much appreicate all your contributions, whether posts or reviews. All the best moving forward!
Wonderful news, I look forward to reading your reviews. I view you as a the voice of reason and honesty in the Audio Jungle. Your enthusiasm is infectious! I purchased Tekton Double Impact SE speakers due in part to your review and enjoy them. 
Wonderful news Teajay!

Please post here each time you release a new review. Happy Listening!
Nice , looking forward to the Tekton Perfect Set review . But could you please pass them to me on their way back to Tekton . I’ll only keep them for a few weeks ! Promise made with fingers crossed 🤞. Cheers , Mike. 
Hey Teajay 
Congratulations on your staff position at 6Moons. I forgot to mention it on yesterday during our conversation. You're well respected here as you can tell by all the well wishes on your staff position at 6Moons. Don't change your style and honesty . I always seek your reviews....you're the Best!

Teajay's second review on 6Moons is now published and live.

Mhdt Lab Orchid DAC
Nice review of the Orchid.  I can't disagree with any of what he wrote, I love mine!