Reviews of the year/Lugs Update/Jazz

Audiogoners the "Audiogon" music reviews has been substantially updated with reviews of the year and some more reviews featuring some ambient and modern classical in the shape of Harold Budd and Max Richter.U2 and a release in Kathryn William's Relations which I would rate for Audiophlies are reviewed also.

As you may be aware I had planned to include an Audiogon poll for 2004 but there was very little response to this-I'll try other ideas as we go to try and make things more interactive.

I'm delighted to wet Jazz fans appetite with the arrival of a new writer Ricardo Bebida whom I met at the Betty Ford Clinic.He looks back at 2004 and I look forward to his future Jazz reviews.

There should be plenty to get you ears into and get out there and buy some of this music and tell us we were right or wrong.
We've tried to tighten up the editing and we think (or is that pray)that our writing is improving.

Oh and don't worry we are buying 2005's music and will be back with our comments on that........

As always feedback,comments etc. welcomed.

Tvad I mention the Beatles influence in my review.
Originality? That's a toughie for sure and I know there are different degrees's of that and if you get stuck on any music that doesn't seem to carry it's identity then it's very difficult to engage with it.
To me there's a lot more on this record than a Lennon influence and I think the songwriting quality is top notch.

Maybe you should have played it a few more times.........or maybe I should have.

Nope I think it's a great record.
Thanks for the comments.
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Mahalo for adding Mr.Bebida.

For folks with an appetite for the latest in Jazz, I once again suggest this source:
Oh belated push up for today been out celebrating after the's bleedin' good that Lugs site take a look.

Your welcome.

FYI the first CD on BobP's current list is wonderful sounding recording, which once again demonstrates that PCM is superior to Sony's dying DSD technology.
Things happen in strange ways. I took a look at Lugs and really enjoyed reading the Yes remasters reviews. It's been almost 15yrs since I haven't heard Relayer and have my vinyl copy in storage. Well my wife bought me a copy of Rhino's remaster a couple of days ago and have had good memories coming back.
Will give some impressions on it later, I'm just trying to correlate my music memory of it with the actual sound I'm listening to.
Luis glad to hear that tweaked your interest-I often find myself listening to something I haven't heard in decades.

Be nice to hear if any of the newer stuff has been investigated..................
Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for a great site! I've picked up The Dears cd due to "The Lug" write up (just arrived two days ago) and I've Kathryn Williams and Max Richter on order. "Relations" isn't available(?) over here, had to order it from your side... I had five of your 2004 selections already, so I felt I could trust the guidance!!!

Enjoying all the write ups and very much appreciate all the work you've been putting into the site, please keep it going!! Hopefully others will be heard from...

Ben, want to thank you for all the effort you've made to bring us your opinions, reflections and enthusiasm of musical releases of which I might not have been aware.