Revisiting Step Down Transformers (220V to 110V)

Well, I am excited to be moving my family to Germany from North America.
With that said, I have been googling, reading, re-googling, asking vendors, etc.. as to what I should do with my equipment.  
I have also read previous posts - none of them had very clear decisions. 

I have an AR VT80SE, Mark Levinson 526 and Dual Rel Acoustic S510s to deal with.  Everything else is easy.

I've calculated this to about 2000 watts for the system.

1) Do I just buy a 5000 watt step down transformer?
2) Does anyone have any models that they've used?
3) Is something like this Overkill?   
4) I can also get all of these product rewired for 220V for about $1000, then another $1000 when I come home.  I am not sure if that is good money spent when I can get a transformer for $300 - $500.

I know it should be balanced - dual core.   Interesting on how many of these specs are clear on the web.  You also can't just run our to Hardware Hank or Home Depot and pick one up.   

You do not need anywhere near 5KW. Those ratings you added up were all the absolute max current draw, something only achieved during the first brief moment after turn-on when the power supply caps are empty and filling. Nothing even close to that any other time no matter what you do. In reality you could probably do just fine with one tenth that. Mine is 1KW and does beautifully.   

(Also 5KW, think about it, that's like three space heaters. When you run your system, does the room get hot like three space heaters running? I don't think so. Probably less than one. Unless you have Class A and a projector running, in which case it might be close to one. But still not three.). 

If you buy one to go from 220 to 110, well then look at mine. Same thing. So when you get back stateside simply run a 220 circuit to your room, step it down just like mine, wala you are in business better than ever.

While in Europe you will just have to pay attention to your outlets, but that is a great excuse to buy a Synergistic Orange outlet anyway. Which you keep and use stateside.

I would run put the step down near the room so its 110 for only a short distance. High voltage transmits more efficiently than low, that is why all long distance power lines are very high voltage. There’s hardly any difference 220 to 110 but the wire is the same and every little bit helps so why not?

Got mine from Audio Consulting give them a call if they are still around. Don’t waste time misinforming your mind with specs from sources that are perfectly clear but know nothing about how this stuff sounds with a high end system, because for them table saws and jacuzzi’s sound just fine already.
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Germany operates on 230V main voltage @50Hz.
The AR VT80SE and Rel S510s should have no problem using a step down transformer, but the Mark Levinson 526 may has problem operates at 50Hz! Best to check with manufacturer to confirm.

Or use one of this:
Thank for the feedback.
Company is paying this shipping there and back.
i have all of the original boxes.

I will go the transformer route.  Also look into the 50-60hz route.