Revival Audio Atalante 3 vs Fritz Carbon 7 SE MKII

Does anyone have experience with these 2 speakers. Reviews are off the charts.  I have B&W 705 S2s and primarily stream through a Bluesound Node 2 with a Hegel H390 amp. My listening room is half of a refinished basement with an exposed ceiling to floor joists. My listening area is approximately 1/2 of the finished basement about 15x15 but is open to the other half of the finished basement. So I like the detail I get with the 705s and don’ t want to give up any of the detail. What I am primarily looking for is the treble to be a little less bright, some more bass and a larger soundstage. I was wondering if either of these speakers would represent a significant jump or do I need to make a larger investment.  I am just gathering information right now to see if something in a similar price range (approx $3K) or whether a move up in sound quality takes more $$.


I’d add the Joseph Audio Prisms to your list.  Haven’t heard the other two, but I’ve heard your 705s at length and the Prisms are at another level entirely and in every way.  Just another option FWIW.

Check out this link:

If you want the Fritz then buy the other model Carrera 7 BE. $2,800.

Get a little REL sub like the 7Tx.

Never heard the Atlantics and B&Ws are ear burners.