RGPC 1200 custom vs. Furman Elite 15 pfi

I have an opportunity to get a used RGPC 1200 Custom at a great price. How is it for 2 channel audio components (tt, dac/streamer, bi-amped speakers, CD, tape deck and tv along w cable box? What about plugging an integrated tube amp into it as well? I'm familiar with the name but don't know much about the product. 
How does it compare with the Furman Elite 15 pfi?
Anyone here own or used to own a Richard Grey Power Company 1200 that can offer some opinions?
Troy, would you recommend running an amp through it or go direct to wall with integrated and run other components through the 1200?
I have two RGPC power stations I purchased in the late 90s. I have not detected any improvement with their use other than they provide additional high quality outlets. I have, however, measure current limitations (~100A instantaneous current delivery vs. 700A plugged into the wall), and no reduction in noise using an Entech line noise analyzer.

They are no longer in my system. They have been replaced with much more expensive and effective Shunyata products.
bajaed, it is best to use the RGPC 1200C for front-end components only.  I have two of them, each in different systems but for low-powered components such as DVD, TV, pre-amp, CDP, DAC.  Amp into wall....best of luck. 

Use a RGPC for front-end components only. A power amp into the Wall.

Happy Listening!
I know it costs more, but is the RGPC better than a Furman Elite 15 pfi?

Would you still plug the power amp into the wall or into the Furman.

Thanks for all the advice.
With the RGPC Just try it both ways and see what sounds better. Power conditioners are really system dependent. 

Sometimes will sound better with amp plugged in, sometimes to wall. RGPC works in parallel and they sometimes recommend plugging amp into wall same circuit and still get benefit.

Just try both ways and go with whatever sounds better.
Based on my research Richard Gray's PCs have a common complaint: Compressing and limiting dynamics. The general advice is to plug source components into his stuff, and the amp into the wall.
The compression and limiting are concerns. If I use it, I'll definitely plug the amp into the wall. Could it cause issues with other components?

Is the Furman Elite 15 pfi better regarding those concerns?