Rip Blu-Ray Pure Audio Discs?

Has anyone done this successfully? If so can you send some tips on software, best blu-Ray usb/drive etc? I have about 25 bd-audio titles I’d like to back up and create files for use in custom hi res playlists etc.

I recently ripped my entire SACD collection (w an old modified Sony PlayStation w/ a specific serial no range) and used Foobar w a plug-in to rip all my DVD-Audio discs. Total success. 
I use JRiver as my preferred playback software.

Thank you all in advance for any help here.
I used my Oppo 205 with the audio only HDMI set to PCM out to a Chinese converter that outputs 24-96hz via RCA to my Tascam DA3000 recorder. Once copied to a SD card I then transfer the file to my hard drive.

I use MakeMkV to extract the files and XRECODE 3 to select, convert and save the audio files to playback on JRiver.
It does but you first need to extract files from a disc protected with BD+.  MakeMkV is one way to do that.