RIP Eddie Van Halen. What was your first stereo you rocked to VH on?

Since their first album in ‘78, what was your “killer system” at the time that you rocked out with Van Halen first? Presumably Running With The Devil :) RIP Brother, you will be forever missed. 
So sorry to hear this! Eddie was one of the pioneers of hard rock/metal guitar! He will be missed!
Man, I'm bummed out by this. Although he's not one of my favorite guitarists he still has to be in the top 10. Eddie expanded the guitar lexicon in his era just as Hendrix did in his. 

In '78 I was 3yrs old so was at the mercy of the parents car radio.

Tonight I'm running through all the Van Halen albums through a full Shindo rig and it does not suck!
AR amp, Dual turntable, Klipsch Lascala’s=bleeding ears.
Kidding no bleeding ears, but this system rocked many parties.
My first introduction to VH was mid 80's, at a cousins birthday party, I was 12 or so. My wicked cool Uncle Joe had brought a boom box with some tapes to listen to, one of them was Diver Down.

Definitely sad news on his passing, was fortunate to see him live in 92 or so during the Balance Tour. One of the best, he wont be forgotten.