RIP Jimmy Buffett

A great One! R.I.P.


This decade is proving to be the end of the 1960 generation's lifespan. A bunch are already gone, with many more to follow. By 2030 there won't be many left.



Right On! "Come Monday" will take on a whole new meaning this Labor Day.


Happy Listening!

Just saw him last night on a rerun of Blue Bloods which inspired me to listen to A Pirate Looks At 40 and Havana Daydreaming, my 2 favorites.Then  to see the news this morning was such a blow. He truly leaves behind a legacy of a style of his own that could be considered a genre of his own. He will be greatly missed.

Probably  will be an attorney WWE event  over the estate among the family and associates.

That guy generated a $load of dough.