Ripoff Schema Champions

Hi folks, Many of you may've encountered problems with manufacturers not supplying replacement parts, poor warranty service, refusing to service products purchased overseas(do I have a right to pick up my component and bring it from overseas or vise versa huh?), abnormally overpriced product for performance, quick malfunctions etc...

Many of us initiated discussions on a particular company's ripoff schema. What we do not have is a combined board to enter concerns, complains why they should be voided when one considers purchasing high-definition audio/video/entertainment equipment.

Please discuss. Please speak out loud and create a list where the rest of us will have a reference. Audiogon affects hi-end market even to larger magnitude vs. magazines so it's one of the way to overturn ripoff efforts.
Great in theory, but difficult to implement. How do you verify what is true and what is slander or lies?
There is the Shady Lane forum over on Audio Asylum specifically for this purpose...
Over the years here at Audiogon, there have been numerous instances of people jumping the gun in damning a manufacturer or retailer. Since this has the potential to cause considerable harm to a small business, I object to this suggestion to create a formal list of the dark hats and their ripoff schemas. Better to focus on singling out the good ones.
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Went overseas, traveled and brought the unit that I liked to keep with me long. Is there anything wrong?
There are much more things that would not make sense regardless of the situation and certainly the outlaws situation.
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Thinking about this some more, what might be an interesting idea is a Yelp-like review area for manufacturers and resellers. I think we tend to be reluctant to give negative feedback after transactions, so a comment area that stands apart from normal feedback might promote a more balanced view. Lots of details to work out for sure.
Refusing a warranty repair for overseas unit is OK and legal.
Refusing to provide parts along with information on them is not legal.

Anytime I wish to find out the part# and call Volvo dealer, I always receive positive response to any detailed information provided(such as location, shape, connection, type, part-no) weather I want to purchase it directly from dealer or purchase an aftermarket part. Same should apply to any electronics or appliances. Automobile companies follow consumer laws tight since the claim amounts can be substantial to inflict financial damages to the company.

I've also received precise replies from Dennon when was troubleshouting the same problem with number of their AVRs. They didn't refuse to provide circuit diagram as well. Didn't have a chance to repair Outlaw, Emotiva or Wyred as they're probably less popular to find clients or simply more reliable units vs. Niles or modern Dennon AVRs(good customer service but not reliable in general).

Manufacturing of electronics would deal with substantially smaller claim amounts hence their policies are often having 'holes' in following consumer laws.

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