Ripping to FLAC - Album art

I'm determined to rip my cds to flac as i have a Lumin player.  Its going to be a long journey.  I have had a play with exact audio copy but noticed it doesn't add album cover.  I may try dbpoweramp if that automatically does album art?  If anyone has a Lumin player, please suggest the best way.  Also,, has there been any development of cheap(ish) automated cd loader so you can do 20-50 at a time?  Maybe that's a big wish but would of thought there is a market for this technology these days.  I think i also read, there are companies that will rip your cds for you?   Thanks for your time.
I use dbripper and it does automaticaly pull in art. It even gives you choices of various versions of the same cd. But I also have lots of obscure classical recordings where there is no album art on line. So I just scan the CD cover and paste into the file while in JRiver. 

I am about to purchase a ripper/streamer like Innuous but am concerned about whether I can edit the metadata as I can with JRiver?

Did you campare the Lumin to the Innuose?

Hi, spoutmouzert,

dBpoweramp's CD Ripper does add cover art automatically. You can quickly check for other versions of the cover art as well. It's what I use to rip CDs to FLAC.



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