Rochester NY

Any interest in a Rochester-based audiophile discussion group? Come on Rochester, let's talk audio. I am a solid state, two and multichannel audio kind of guy with a history of tubes and vinyl. I would enjoy a chat with our local audiophiles.
Happy to participate - will be in Rochester from April onwards. However, no tubes experience (and intend to keep it that way) and gave up vinyl 22 years ago. Primarily 2-ch but slowly easing into multichannel music - need to assemble/set-up system in Rochester asap. Cheers.
Welcome to Rochester! Maybe by the time u get settled in we will have some additional local audiophiles on line and we can initiate some activities to share our hobby. I would be glad to share my knowledge of the local audio scene if u have any questions.
Hello, I like to talk about what is the perfect match in multichannel home theater. Over the years I've had my share of home audio. I think that Marantz and B & W with audioquest speaker cable is one of them. Another is Yamaha and Klipsch with either straight or wireworld speaker cable. Also, Denon and Paradigm studio's with Nordost Blue Heaven speaker cable is a great match. I like to what everone else thinks about what is the perfect match in multichannel sound. Thanks!
In looking for some new bookshelf speaker, I'm only finding Rowe and The Stereo Shop as places that might have a selection of god products to audition. Anyone else know of any shops in the area?
Go to the Analog Shop in Victor. Bob is a great guy with a great selection of budget to the exotic. I drive there from Buffalo.
Rowe quite frankly is the way to go. They've been around since 1898.....really! They carry the best products,fair prices and knowledable staff.