Rocket Loudspeakers by Onix?

They got a good review at and are within my budget. My problem is they are only sold on line. If someone out there has listened to a pair please let me know what you think. I live in the Phoenix AZ area, if someone in the metro area has a pair and would let me stop by and listen to them a bit, I’ll be in your debt.

Check under the Harmonic Discord Forum.They have had some experience with them over there.
Also check the AVS forum. There seems to be a rabid following there. I think there may also be some sort of club or service that helps people find an owner in their area.
There are a few owners on the Outlaw forum too. If they are as a good as I'm reading on the net. They are a great deal. Also, I think you can audition them in your home for thirty days.
check out to find out if anyone in your area has them and would be willing to let you audition them.

i'd say, buy them without a second thought. i auditioned lots of speakers that were in my price range ($1500) and realized i wouldn't have been happy with any of them. i ended up buying a pair of rocket 750's and haven't regretted it for a second. i can honestly say that it's not even fair to compare them to anything in the sub-$2500 category.