Hello folks i need some advice from ATRIA 2 owners.
Here my question: my listening room is 22 feet  X 22 feet  (irregular) with a 8 feet ceiling pretty much damped.
Will the ATRIA 2 do the job in full filling or loading my listening room  ?
My previous speakers are the SONUS FABER GUARNERI EVOLUTION paired with a B&W DB3D ( 2 8 inches woofer) the smaller one of the series.
My amps are the LAMM M 2.2 with the LAMM reference L2.
I am pretty much pleased with the sound but i have the chance to get the ATRIA 2 at an attractive price (upgraditis factor) ?
At this moment i can not afford the more expensive AVIOR 2 ....
Thank's for reading me 
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Wow, nothing?  I’m in a similar boat with a similar question. Did you buy them?  If so, how did they do in your room?

Hello Dishman. A lot of time has passed since this post.

I got rid of all this stock and lately it was the Sonus Faber....

I kept the subwoofer. In the meantime, I bought Audio Physic Virgo 25 in back up.

The most important thing is that I have simplified my system: GRYPHON DIABLO 300 + LUXMAN DA-10X. It plays as well as my old kit paired with high-end SILTECH cables.

Recently I had the chance to listen to FOCAL SCALA EVO, although people say that the tweeter is brilliant (this is false).

Honestly, I think the SCALA is far superior to the ATRIA.

I realized that the Luxman with the Gryphon gives a very soft sound.

Which went a little too much ( smooth) in the same direction as the Guarneri evolution, a simple question of equation....

I think that the neutrality and detail of the Focal should be a good complement to the rest of the system in addition we can adjust by + or - the DB of the highs and lows to optimize the weaknesses of the listening room.

The Bass of the Focal is very tense and never invasive and I believe that in a 23 X 23 room they will be able to express themselves wisely.

The only problem I have to be patient to find used FOCAL SCALA V2, the EVO appeared in 2021 are overpriced.

On the other hand, I don't know if it helps you make a decision because I don't know your budget or your equipment.

Certainly you should read on the FOCAL SCALA a real floor standing while the ATRIA is a little just to completely restore a credible sound scene....

And forget what they  say or think about the Beryllium Tweeter: GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT !!!!!

I employed a translator because I am French-speaking although I speak English well enough to have traveled extensively in the United States.


So good luck in your search 


The Atria II specs:

  • Sensitivity: 87.5 dB SPL/2.83 v
  • Min. amplifier power: 50 watts

The OPs LAMM M 2.2 amp 18wpc

To fill the OPs room looks like higher sensitivity speakers and/or a more powerful amp.  Whether the Atria+LAMM would be “loud enough” is a subjective call only the OP can answer.

Thanks Claude!  Sounds like I caught you miles down the audiophile road. I went with a pair of the Wilson Sasha DAWs. Just got them installed this week, but I’m very pleased so far. If my preamp weren’t tube based I might have found the DAWs a little overly bright, but the lushness of the rest of my gear seems to be a great match. They certainly have no problem filling a large space!  Very fast, very coherent.