Rogue Audio Stealth Phono Stage?

Wondering if anyone has heard the Rogue Audio Stealth Phono Stage, and possibly compared this with an Ear 834P. Would be using the phono stage with a Grado Statement Sonata (0.5 mV) and a VPI Scout + JMW 9 tonearm. Thanks.
I use the Stealth with a blue point special and linn lp12, and it sounds great. Clear, rich sound and very quiet, alot of life too. I'm happy with it. Not really broken in yet either.
I use the stealth with a MMF7 which comes with the Goldring Eroica cart. In the beggining I had some problems with the sound. Very thin with hardly any bass. I replaced the felt pad on the TT and the music came to life. I am enjoying every second now. I have nothing to compare with for you though, sorry