Rogue Audio vs Vincent Audio


Just wanted to get opinions/suggestions on Rogue Audio vs Vincent Audio.

In particular, the Rogue Audio Sphinx V2 Vincent SV-237MK.

Heard a Rogue Sphinx demo today and it certainly sounded good hooked up to some B&W Speakers, sorry forgot to check which model but infidelity, one of their higher end speakers.

Show rooms always have good acoustics, I unfortunately have vaulted ceilings.

Anyways, wanted to see what you all have to say.

I am at the moment evaluating a Vincent Audio SV-500 which I do like very much but now the Rogue has me thinking. 

I can still return the Vincent within it's 30 days limit but have also read such good reviews of the Vincent SV-237MK, so I am wondering about that also.

I once owned a Vincent SV-226 and thought it to be a very good integrated. Authoritative bass, smooth articulate mids and treble.  Wish I had never sold it. I have not heard the SV-500. 

If needing a phonostage and your Vincent plays well with your speakers I would keep it and spend on the phonostage. Likely would get a greater system upgrade than swapping amps.  
If you didn’t hear much difference between your Denon and the Vincent and then not much difference between the Vincent and the Rogue then why change?    Both the Rogue and Vincent should clearly outperform the Denon and it should be noticeable or you are wasting money.  
I've never heard the Rogue or Vincent but don't shortchange the Denon, I own the PMA-2000 IVR and it's a very good integrated that's punchy, powerful and dynamic and plays much louder than it's 80 wpc so it's quite possible the Denon may be closer to both amps then you might realize.  That being said the poster who stated the speakers may be hard to differentiate differences in amps could very well have some merit
Actually I found that , in my case, I could connect ICS from the Rogue variable output to a analog input on my processor and enjoy LP playback in simulated surround if I wanted. A nice bonus. Using the Rogue as phono stage at that configuration. Also a bonus the Rogue remains in standby mode. Been meaning to ask Rogue about that.
Hello Everyone,

Thanks for everyone's input and suggestions.

After much thought and struggles in my head, LOL, I have finally decided to stay with the Vincent.

As I said before, the Rogue was also a very good unit but I don't know why I am attached to this Vincent now.

I think, I feel that's it's the under dog and I need to give it a chance, haha.

What I am going to concentrate on next is better interconnects, a good/decent Phono Pre-Amp and better Power Conditioner.

Right now, I am connected to a very entry level power strip.

I am thinking about getting better AC Receptacle and a decent power Conditioner unit. 

Actually, the PS Audio AC Receptacle and their Detect Power Conditioner come to mind.

Also, need to work on my room acoustics a bit.

By the way, being in Southern California and experiencing these earthquakes (had a good one tonight earlier), has me a little worried for my speakers. 

I hope they don't tip over.