Rogue Audio vs Vincent Audio


Just wanted to get opinions/suggestions on Rogue Audio vs Vincent Audio.

In particular, the Rogue Audio Sphinx V2 Vincent SV-237MK.

Heard a Rogue Sphinx demo today and it certainly sounded good hooked up to some B&W Speakers, sorry forgot to check which model but infidelity, one of their higher end speakers.

Show rooms always have good acoustics, I unfortunately have vaulted ceilings.

Anyways, wanted to see what you all have to say.

I am at the moment evaluating a Vincent Audio SV-500 which I do like very much but now the Rogue has me thinking. 

I can still return the Vincent within it's 30 days limit but have also read such good reviews of the Vincent SV-237MK, so I am wondering about that also.

Buy the Rogue on the same 30 day return terms and send back the one you don't like. Be aware B&W speakers tend to sound detailed and impressive at demos but can become fatiguing over time.
Thanks for the input.

The local dealer I don't think will really take returns so I will need to find a online retailer that has a normal return policy.

I think Needle Doctor might fit the bill for me try this amp out.
Also consider that most Rogue gear has good resale value, and all of its various models are more well-known than anything from Vincent. Rogue provides exceptional service, support, and upgrades even to 2nd hand owners of Rogue gear. All made in USA too. 
Why not ask your local dealer to pop the made in USA Rogue Sphinx home for a bit. This should help you make an easier decision. while supporting your, local dealer, that opened your awareness and ears in the first place.
Ask your local dealer if you can take the Rogue that you demoed for home for a tryout. Dealers will often let you do this at closing time and bring it back when they open up the next day!

+1 on the Rogue. You can't beat their customer service. They are always available over the phone.

+3 on asking your local dealer for an in home demo. My dealer did that for me when I was trying to decide between the Rogue Pharaoh and Cronus Magnum III. Both excellent amps, but I just couldn't get the tube sound of the CMIII out of my head.

Thanks for the suggestion of requesting to borrow the Rogue for a in home demo, it’s funny that you all mentioned that because that is exactly what I am doing right now. I picked up the unit yesterday and have till about Saturday.
I will tell you of my honest experience so far and how I feel.
Sorry if this post gets a little long.

As soon as I got it home, I hooked it right up of course.
First, let me describe the rest of my equipment.
- Martin Logan Motion 40 Speakers- Questyle CMA400i DAC- Denon DP-300f TT w/Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge- Denon Universal Blu ray Player - Using for CD/SACD Playback- HTPC for Hi Res Music Playback

OK, so the unit definitely sounds good and I played one of tracks that the showroom was playing when I heard it there, Eagles Hotel California (2013 Remastered), which at the showroom was very impressive. They played through Tidal using an Aurender Unit.
I don’t have that but do have my HTPC connected to my DAC and so played through Tidal as well as Qobuz. Both sounded good but as I stated before, room acoustics play a big role. Their show room had a low flat ceiling and I have vaulted ceilings, so the sound was different but still good.
Last night and this morning, I have listened to different types of music through CD, SACD, Vinyl, Hi Res Music (DSD, Flac, Qobuz and Tidal).
The Rogue has more bass then the Vincent since it puts out 200 wpc vs 80 watts on the Vincent. My Speakers are 4 ohms.
But so far, here is my dilemma. The Rogue sounds very close to the Vincent. I wouldn’t say that one is better or far superior to the other as far as sound is concerned. I wish it was a dramatic difference as that would have made this easier but it is not.
Other factors are important to me also. I like the looks of the Vincent and the foot print is smaller making it easier to accommodate in my media cabinet. I have the Silver Faced Rogue right now and it is elegant looking, reminds me of the latest Yamaha AS Series Integrateds.
But overall, the sound between the 2 units is very close and the Rogue will be basically about $600 more with tax and all. The Vincent was straight $1000.
There is also one more dilemma. One that you may laugh at and one with which I may lost some credibility, You might think, "This guy does not know what he is talking about"
Before the Vincent, I was using my Denon AVR-5700. An AVR that came out in 1999 but was top of the line in it’s time. In my opinion a high quality piece of equipment.
I did extensive back and forth between the Vincent and Denon and they sound very similar.
Well, sorry for the long post. I am going to continue to evaluate the Rogue.
But this is very difficult for me, to decide between the Rogue and Vincent.

They are both Hybrid Amps, Vincent being Class A/B and Rogue being Class D with Tube based Pre-ams (as far as my understaning is).
Ha, why can’t things be simple :)

Martin Logan Motion 40’s impart a LOT of their own sound signature into the mix.  They had a very forward “presence” region with a big midrange suckout.  I owned some previously.

My point is, they aren’t the easiest speakers to really suss out amplifier differences on, and it’s no surprise to me that they all sounded similar.
Thanks for your input on the ML’s.
You are probably right on me not hearing dramatic differences between the amps.
Which is another reason I think I might just stay with the Vincent since I can’t hear a big difference compared to the Rogue.
The Rogue is definitely a nice piece of equipment but I think I can spend the price difference on a good phono pre-amp for the Vincent.

+1 for Rogue. Be sure to check for possible future expansion capabilities on the Vincent. As a Rogue Pharaoh owner I'll  say you get a lot of bang for the buck.. Driving B&W 803D2 it does real justice to the music. Unknown benefit is that it can be connected to an HT processor. This allows me to either use the Rogue or the HT processor for spinning the 12 inch platters. I think it's a great piece and worth the extra dollars. Customer service is excellent. 
Thnx for your input. For the HT functionality,  are you referring to Home Theater Bypass?

I actually have a separate Yamaha Aventage receiver that I use for HT use, so that functionality I wouldn't be using but it's good to know that it has that capability. 

I returned the Rogue that I borrowed. Now I am just deciding what to do. I still have about 10 days left on the Vincent before I can return it if I need to.

I wanted to ask another question.  What do you all think of the Yamaha AS 1100 series?

I see used ones for around the same.price as the new Rougue or Vincent. I know that is SS but from reviews that I have read, users claim it is warm and tube like

I once owned a Vincent SV-226 and thought it to be a very good integrated. Authoritative bass, smooth articulate mids and treble.  Wish I had never sold it. I have not heard the SV-500. 

If needing a phonostage and your Vincent plays well with your speakers I would keep it and spend on the phonostage. Likely would get a greater system upgrade than swapping amps.  
If you didn’t hear much difference between your Denon and the Vincent and then not much difference between the Vincent and the Rogue then why change?    Both the Rogue and Vincent should clearly outperform the Denon and it should be noticeable or you are wasting money.  
I've never heard the Rogue or Vincent but don't shortchange the Denon, I own the PMA-2000 IVR and it's a very good integrated that's punchy, powerful and dynamic and plays much louder than it's 80 wpc so it's quite possible the Denon may be closer to both amps then you might realize.  That being said the poster who stated the speakers may be hard to differentiate differences in amps could very well have some merit
Actually I found that , in my case, I could connect ICS from the Rogue variable output to a analog input on my processor and enjoy LP playback in simulated surround if I wanted. A nice bonus. Using the Rogue as phono stage at that configuration. Also a bonus the Rogue remains in standby mode. Been meaning to ask Rogue about that.
Hello Everyone,

Thanks for everyone's input and suggestions.

After much thought and struggles in my head, LOL, I have finally decided to stay with the Vincent.

As I said before, the Rogue was also a very good unit but I don't know why I am attached to this Vincent now.

I think, I feel that's it's the under dog and I need to give it a chance, haha.

What I am going to concentrate on next is better interconnects, a good/decent Phono Pre-Amp and better Power Conditioner.

Right now, I am connected to a very entry level power strip.

I am thinking about getting better AC Receptacle and a decent power Conditioner unit. 

Actually, the PS Audio AC Receptacle and their Detect Power Conditioner come to mind.

Also, need to work on my room acoustics a bit.

By the way, being in Southern California and experiencing these earthquakes (had a good one tonight earlier), has me a little worried for my speakers. 

I hope they don't tip over.

Everyone here should check out the Pyle PT990A 6922 hybrid. It is as good as the Vincent and Rogue for a lot less money. No BS! Most Pyle stuff is crap but this one’s different. This 25LB beast has a decent phono and tuner along with 400VA toroidal, 30kuf cap bank running 55V rails putting out about 90wpc RMS (one can ignore the Pyle music power spec). It should easily do 150W into 4ohms. It was made from 2012 to around 2016 in the same Chinese factory that builds Cambridge Audio stuff. It listed for $750 but sells for under $200 used. Show up on flea bay every once in awhile. I couldn’t believe how good the thing sounded when I heard it at a friend’s. It beat my Van Alstine Ultra combo in detail and airiness. 
People who tell you that amps sound dramatically different have done too many mushrooms.
By the way, vaulted ceilings are a good thing.