Rogue Cronus Magnum & AKG K702's

Last week I ordered my first headphones since 1980. They haven't arrived yet, but they're AKG K702's which I plan to use with my Rogue Cronus Magnum when the wife is sleeping. I know there's going to be some bleed through to my speakers which I'm ok with. My question is, is my Cronus Magnum going to be sufficient in powering these power hungry headphones?
Wow,I would have researched this before ordering them.Just a thought.Good luck.
I have the AKG K701 headphones and use it with Rogue Audio Cronus integrated. Works fine.
Tpreaves. I did research this but I'm having post purchase anxiety. These cans can be purchased from reputable authorized dealers for $248, so don't let the $399 on Amazon scare you. I could probably sell them for what I paid for them considering so many people pay way too much for them. I was just curious as to what other Cronus Magnum owners have experienced. I figure if Rogue offers the option, it's got to be fairly decent. I guess my question should have been, "what differences could I expect to hear between running AKG K702's through a Cary SLI80 and a Rogue Cronus Magnum?" I don't think anyone would purchase AKG's without doing some heavy research. They're probably the most contraversial cans ever made.
Donjr....I wasn't trying to be condescending in my post.It just seems like lots of folks jump into things before doing a little research, I have done it on occasion(and got slammed for it!!!!!).I can understand the "post purchase anxiety" comment,we've probably all felt that at one time or another.I hope the AKG's are to your liking.
I hope so too. I'm just looking for something to get me by when my wife crashes early on the weekends. It seems like it's been happeneing a lot lately and always when I'm ready to turn up the volume, not down.
Did you purchase an original Cronus Magnum or upgrade a standard Cronus? If you upgraded, could you describe the differences? Thanks!
Rja, I purchased the Magnum. I've never heard the regular Cronus. I purchased it used on Agon. I recommended it to a friend who purchased one from a local dealer and got it (Cornus Magnum) for just under 2k. If you search Cronus on Audiogon forum, there is people on here who had the regular and upgraded to the Magnum and if I remember correctly, they noticed quite a big difference, but I can't remember exactly what those differences were.