Rogue RP5 with Bel Canto Mono Block

   Did anyone try the Rogue RP5 Pre-amp with the Bel Canto Class D Monoblock Amplifiers? My DAC is PS Audio Direct Stream and my speakers are Dynaudio Confidence C4 Platinum. Currently using the Hegel H80 as the pre-amp and thinking of changing to tube pre-amp. Any suggestion is much appreciated.

I’ve heard most of the Belcanto Class-D’s, only one that made me think of going to the "dark side" was the 600M monoblocks, BUT!!! only when they drive a nice benign 4-8ohms impedance through the mids and highs with no nasty -phase angles involved, only then these amps to me stayed sweet and airy.

Fortunately your Dynaudio C4’s are right your the alley, and should sound great with these monoblocks.

Just make sure the bass around 70-80hz is good with them also as

"Quote Stereophile measurements: -46 degrees -phase angle and 5.1 ohms at 73Hz will rule out the use of amplifiers that are not happy with low impedances."

This EPDR could look to the amp as a load below 3ohms, even 2ohms.

As for the Rogue RP5 Pre-amp, it’s output impedance is 500ohm, no problem with the 100kohm input impedance of the 600M’s. And the gains of both are a good match also being a low 10db for the RP5 and medium 27db for the 600M’s

Cheers George

I had a Rogue RP5 for about a year and liked it quite a bit.  I didn’t care for the JJ tubes that came standard but the NOS Mullard I replaced them with really opened the sound up.  I never heard it with a Bel Canto amp, but did hear it with a Odyssey Stratos and a Conrad Johnson amp, both solid state. They both sounded great.  I only replaced the Rogue because I went with an all McIntosh set up. 
I only replaced the Rogue because I went with an all McIntosh set up.

I know these are two different levels of components, how does the RP-5 compare to the MAC? I have the RP-5 still with the stock JJ's....I love it...huge difference with the Mullards?

I know this isn't my question, but as far as the tubes are concerned, NOS Mullards sound much better than the stock JJ tubes. I did this change with my Rogue integrated amp.
In my system, the Mullards took away a slight shrillness I was getting in the upper mids.  As for the difference in sound with the McIntosh VS the Rogue, that's a bit tougher.  The all around sound is much more to my liking which is a smooth but not extremely detailed sound.  I replaced the preamp and power amp at the same time so which one contributes more to the sound I am getting I can't be that sure.  I will say I like the sound of the system with the McIntosh factory tubes and have no desire to experiment, although the guys on the Mac forum tell me the Gold Lion tubes are more of everything.  I'm sorry I can't be more specific than this.