Rolling Stones - new Live Album -GRRR LIVE just. Released

Everyone - here is a head’s up - The Rolling Stones just released a new live album!! Released 2-10-23

I have been very critic of The Rolling Stones in the past due to poor recording quality. This live recording is amazing!!!

Running it off Tidal MQA right now Holy SH-T! This is cleanly recorded - Vocals are great - guitar and base is very clean - separation across my soundstage is great.

For those who do not know my system here you are:

Lumin T2 streamer DAC

Integrated Amp - Krell K 300i

Speakers - Maggie 1.7i

Maggie DWM bass panel pushed by a Son of Ampzilla II

i am rocking the windows !!

enjoy the music!!



A 2023 release, remixed and remastered. That may account for the superior SQ.

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Thanks for posting this.  Just upgraded to the Esoteric N-01XD streamer/DAC and early returns show it to be very revealing on content quality compared to my PS Audio and Moon setups.

Qobuz says that thay don't have rights to it yet. 

I listened to it last night (Feb 10) on Qobuz. I use Android BluOs.

Well the release is being streamed by both Tidal and Qobuz - To be frank I didn’t think too much of either stream.

So I decided to compare the Stones -Live at the Max 1080 video I have a copy on a USB stick.

So in the back of the TV -A cheap Hisense and audio out via optical into DAC . SMSL M500

The SQ via my Elac Navis Active far far superior to this new Stones stream..

OK I am by passing - Router /rj45 /Network Switch /RJ45/laptop/AO3/Fidelizer Pro/windows server 2019/HQPlayer /USB out to DAC.

It seems this is a case of less is more

Similar with Adele 30 via Qobuz compared to live concert at observatory



.......thanks Tom for the update on your system as I was not keeping up on it. I have been very busy and thank you for the update on the Rolling Stones. Enjoy..... 

Hare bear - I have been focused on music for quite some time and just enjoying my two systems I have built ( one was described above) here at home. It seems - at least for me - some great sounding music has been coming out recently and I like to share these ‘discoveries’ with my friends on Audiogon. Last month Dylan just released another Bootleg installment of his sessions from 1996 to 1997 - Time out of Mind album. The album is called Fragments. I am hearing detail I never picked up off the Time Out of Mind album. Another great album this last year is Bonnie Raitt - Just Like That. She just got Song of the Year at the Grammies for the title track. This album is just so well recorded.

Anyway - I am rambling 

Enjoy the Music

Thanks Tom8999 for the follow and will look into those choices. You enjoy as well. 

Garebear - I consider myself ‘computer challenged ‘ - anyway I just posted pics of both of my systems on Audiogon with equipment descriptions - if you want to take a look.