Romantic Trombone Concertos

Yesterday I received my newest SACD in the mail and am extremely happy with my choice.

Romantic Trombone Concertos with Jesper Juul on trombone.

When I first saw it on Amazon I was curious about how the instrument would do in a concerto and added to my wish list. I finally got around to purchasing it and it's a keeper.

The recording quality is excellent and all but the first selection are great with the first still being good.

The second concerto, Concerto Borealis by Soren Hyldgaard, is my absolute favorite and reminds me of John Williams and Star Wars.

Highly recommended if you want something unique in your classical collection.
It's more music from, or similar to, the romantic period and not romantic in the cupid sense. I was confused by this as well until my wife clued me in.

In reality, the trombone is a very smooth instrument so I think it could actually do quite well playing cupid romantic music.
If you like this, you should also try the similarly named album performed by Christian Lindberg on BIS CD.
Romantic Trombone? Here you go:

(I slightly prefer J.J. Johnson's version, but you get the visual with this one)
This is more chamber jazz than classical but gives you an idea of how melodic the trombone can sound. Very interesting recording venue that is actually an instrument in itself. Cool record.