Acoustic Bass, Trombone, and Baritone

These are the three instruments I love listening too in jazz recordings,when accompanied by piano,drums, acoustic guitar or another wind instrument (tenor sax) in a trio or quartet. Presently I have Ray Brown (6 CDs) for bass, Thurman Green and Steve Turre (4 CDs) for trombone and Gerry Mulligan and Hamiett Bluiett (4 CDs) for baritone. Can anyone suggest other artist using any of the instrument mentioned in good recorded jazz CDs? Professor SdCampbell, can you make a comment please. Thank you very much and happy listening to all.
Lester Bowie "All the Magic" on ECM available on record or CD.
Carla Bley "Goes to Church" on CD and many many many more of Carla Bley to listen to... "Eoropean Tour 1977", "Social Science",...
Charlie Haden and Liberation Orchestra Watt available on record(not sure about CD)
Ry Cooder "Jazz"(not sure about CD but probably available)

Phillip Johnston "The Unknown" soundtrack has absolutely stunning performance on Avan/Japan CD(only released in Japan).

Research George Cartwright "The Memphis Years" CD of former leader of "Curlew" jazz-punk band.

Tom Waits "Rain Dogs", "Swordfishtrombones".

Lounge Lizards self-titled, "No Pain For Cakes", "Live in Tokyo"...

And finally you can research "Fish for Fish" s/t that has an excellent sax duo blended with electronic samples, talking boxes. Usually if you even onto strict mainstream this one you'll sing when you drive or work after you listen to it!
Thanks man! I'm not familiar with Carla Bley but I'll check everything out this evening.
Yeah, Carla Bley is a serious artist with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek. The trombonist she uses is Gary Valente who seems to able to burn the laquer right off the bell.

With Ray Brown, what can I say?

My fav bari player is Pepper Adams, who was a technically adroit player with a ballsy sound. Gary Smulyan is his heir-apparent.
For bass, start checking out CHRISTIAN MCBRIDE!!! He's the MAN right now. Trombone: Julian Priester w/ David Holland. Bari--Cecil Payne's pretty hip. Hey, and don't forget Lisa Simpson ^_^
For trombone playing I second Marakanetz on the Carla Bley.
"Live" has some Valente trombone playing that will get you up out of your chair.

J.J. Johnson for some good bop trombone in small group settings.

Bruce Gertz Quintet "Blueprint". Gertz on acoustic bass with John Abercrombie on guitar plus a tenor, piano, and drums.

Charlie Haden has played acoustic bass with everybody in the world and most is very good. Check out "Alone Together" with Lee Konitz on saxophone and Brad Mehldau on piano. Very Nice. Same group on "another shade of blue."
Good to see the Cartwright, Lounge Lizards and especially the Philip Johnston recommendations (his Big trouble and Normalology discs are percussively very interesting and beautifully rich with textural detail).
Bruce Fowler, Entropy- Some great Zappa alums on this. McGettrick's baritone sax grunts swell and move in and out of the bottom of the audible range as if trying to escape dive bombing trombones and trumpets. The best tracks here are breathtaking, unfortunately, there are no F.Z. discs w/ this kind of fidelity.
Tom Guralnick Trio, Pitchin'- Defies easy categorizing, these guys are great listeners who play meticuluously crafted compositions that allow for some improvised moments that really work. The overlapping tones and imaging on this disc are exceptional. It might remind you of the best Ornette stuff w/ Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell and Charlie Haden, except there is bass trombone and low tenor sax instead of an upright bass. This is also recorded way better and shows that alot has been learned from those older players.
Jerry Granelli, Another Place-One of the best Lee Townsend produced discs, often transcending any genre designation. The woven quality of trombone (Julian Priester), sax and acoustic bass resonances alone make this one a stunner. Granelli's drumming is sensitive and inspired throughout, and David Friedman's vibe work has never been recorded better.
Nils Wogram, Speed Life- About as close to the Eric Dolphy of trombone as there is. Not a noisy wankfest in any way. There are alot of gifted very inventive young European players out there, and Wogram is a good one to keep up on. If you listen to this and it soaks in, it's obvious that there's alot of fertile ground left to work.
Kamikaze Ground Crew, The Senic Route- Superb recording of reeds, brass piano and percussion. The horn and percussion textures are prominent and create narcotic atmospheres that are mostly subtle and sometimes jarring. The players always seem to listen and choose carefully. Like all of the above it gets better after repeated listenings.
Recordings by New and Used, Jurgen Friedrich trio, New York Composers Orch., Andy Laster, L'Orkestre des Pas Perdus, White Widow, Ken Vandermark and Christer Bothen are also worth checking out.
Whew! Thanks a lot for all your responses. I think I need a lot of time to check all these artist. Fortunately, its a long 3-day weekend and I might find some time to escape from my family duties and visit Tower/Borders or even Bestbuy. I really appreciate everyone's contribution to this thread and learning a lot. Happy listening to all.